MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast continues previewing the 2019 Gallifrey One convention, this time with our great friends from, Kim Rogers & Sage Young!  It's become a pre-Gally tradition to visit with Sage & Kim before the convention to get the rundown on all the cool things they're participating in at Gally!

We will talk about the epic upcoming "This or That" panel session with Pearl Mackie, Nicola Bryant, and Rosie Jane.  "This or That" was a favorite of everyone (including the guest participants) at last year's Gally, and this year's edition should be a blast!  (Saturday 1 pm in Program A)

We will also talk about another HoF-led favorite, the Fan Video Happy Hour - Sage & Kim always pick a fantastic crop of emotional and fabulous videos put together by some amazingly talented folks.  Bring your tissues! (Friday 4 pm Program E)

We'll then cover the individual panels that the ladies will be on - Sage is on the "Doctor Who Crossover: Musicals Edition" panel (with another friend of the show, Susan Stanton) at 6 pm Friday in Program C.  This should be a fun and interactive panel where the panel of ardent fans of Broadway musicals recast various works with Doctor Who characters playing parts. 

Kim is moderating the "Midnight in the Garden of Who and Evil" at 11 pm Saturday in Program C.  This 18+ panel will focus on the world of fan fiction and will include some dramatic readings of works created by the panelists and by the audience.  

This is a fun conversation with Kim & Sage, and it's a definite sign that Gally is ALMOST HERE!  Come have a listen!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back with another preview of the 2019 edition of the Gallifrey One Convention - today focusing on the Academic Track - titled "Time Lord Timelines: An Academic Symposium"!  We're thrilled to be joined by Joy Piedmont and Paul Booth, who have organized a wide-ranging and interesting collection of topics and speakers.

We'll talk to Joy and Paul about how the Symposium came about (this is the 2nd edition), what types of subjects and topics they look for, and how they chose this year's presenters.  We'll then dive deep into the schedule and go over each presentation (including one that John is keenly interested in and had even thought of suggesting himself!) individually to get a bird's-eye view of what can be expected.

It's a terrific and interesting conversation with Joy & Paul that really gives the full rundown on what to expect.  Please have a listen!

Schedule and description of topics for the Symposium here

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It is indeed the MOST WONDERFUL TIME... OF THE YEAR!  That's right, the annual Gallifrey One Convention, the world's largest (and best) Doctor Who Convention is just around the corner, and MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast will be previewing the convention in full this week!  It's the 30th edition of the con; it's John's 15th and my 13th (and the podcast's 9th!); and it looks to be another corker of a weekend! 

We'll talk all about the great guests (Including CATHERINE TATE, PEARL MACKIE, JOHN BARROWMAN, COLIN BAKER, and many more!), the fantastic fan panels (including the 2 John will be on), and of course the many other amazing highlights to come (THIS or THAT, FAN VIDEO HAPPY HOUR, IN DEFENSE OF, the ACADEMIC TRACK, and so much else).  

It's our annual deep dive into and through the schedule.  We're super excited for Gally, and we hope to give listeners a taste of what's to come this year!  Also,  John finds out what game, featured in a panel at this year's Gally, that I've NEVER played, which stuns him while i promise to maybe, perhaps, possibly try to participate in one of the other great games.  So, it's chock full of Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey Stuff!

We will also be doing 2 more previews of Gally: one with Joy Piedmont and Paul Booth, focused on the "Time Lord Timelines: An Academic Symposium", the Academic Track that they've put together (dropping Thursday); and one with our great friends Kim Rogers and Sage Young of for next week that'll discuss in detail THIS or THAT, FAN VIDEO HAPPY HOUR, the FanFic panel, the Doctor Who/Musicals crossover panel and more.


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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast returns with our review of Series 11 of Doctor Who - we talk about the highs and the lows; our expectations before the series vs. our feelings now; and where we hope to go into the future.  We also have some news as well as detailing our plans for the podcast in 2019 (and, shockingly, it involves actually podcasting regularly).  Please have a listen!

Next up - our previews of Gallifrey One 30 will start dropping, as the convention is just over a month away!

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Happy New Year from MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast!  And there's no better way to start 2019 than with a smashing new Doctor Who episode - "Resolution" (written by Chris Chibnall & directed by Wayne Yip)!  John and I talk all about this reintroduction of the Doctor's oldest and most deadly (and famous) foes (or a singular foe, in this case).  We will go in depth on this story as well as discussing where the show is now that we are one full year into the Chibnall/Jodie era (and as we head into a LONG break between stories).  We'll talk about the Ryan/Aaron resolution (see what we did there) as well as talking about all of the various "Chekhov's ______" from this episode (Kate Stewart, where are you?).  Plus, there's trivia and even some New Year's Resolutions!  Please have a listen!

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It's DOCTOR WHO Series 11 finale time, and MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast has returned to discuss "The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos.  John and I explain how we felt about the episode and how it encapsulates the entire series.  There's some good, but also some elements that disappoint and frustrate us. 

We talk about this new iteration of the show and how it has certainly satisfied some viewers while leaving others, like us, feeling slightly (John) or even moreso (me) let down.  We extol the great cast while lamenting the less stellar writing and direction.  We dive into it all.

Plus, there's trivia and news (about the show's future and how the podcast will handle ANOTHER huge hiatus between series coming up).  Please have a listen!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast travels to Norway (not literally) to talk about "It Takes You Away" (written by Ed Hime, Directed by Jamie Childs), the 9th episode of Series 11 (37) of DOCTOR WHO.  It's perhaps my least favorite episode of the season (along with "Kerblam!"), and while John liked it more, he still had some issues with various story elements.  We'll dive into all of those, as well as talking about things that did work or interesting ideas that were presented.  We'll also discuss my feelings of fatigue and frustration as the series has progressed and as we move towards the last episode of this run. 

Of course, there's also trivia, including a classic Who question that I'm ashamed to say I totally choked on.  So there's that to look forward to!  Please have a listen!  Thanks!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back to talk about "The Witchfinders", written by Joy Wilkinson and directed by Sallie Aprahamian, the 8th episode of Series 11.  Join John and I as we talk about this trip back to Jacobean times - what we liked about the story (many things - writing, acting, direction, pretty much everything) and what didn't work as well (not a whole lot).  It's an episode that I've grown more fond of with each viewing, and John was in at the start - so we have a good discussion about an episode that was a highlight of the season for us both.  Plus, we'll talk news, and there's trivia, OF COURSE!  Please have a listen!  

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KERBLAM! ... is the name of the 7th episode of the 11th Series of Doctor Who - written by Pete McTighe and directed by Jennifer Perrott, and it's the subject of this week's podcast.  John and I will discuss how we felt about this story (both a bit Meh) and where it dropped the ball, in our eyes.  We'll also evaluate our ever-evolving feelings about this series.  And, of course, there's trivia!  Please have a listen!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back (a few days late this week, our apologies) to talk about "Demons of the Punjab" (written by Vinay Patel and directed by Jamie Childs), the sad and affecting 6th episode of Series 11 of DOCTOR WHO.  We'll talk about what worked (Lots, it's a beautiful hour of television) and what didn't work (we did have some issues, though, especially concerning the Doctor) for us in the episode.  Plus, we'll speculate about the rest of the Series, including the finale; talk news (New Year's Day!) and ratings; and of course, there's trivia!  Please have a listen!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back to talk about the solution to "The Tsuranga Conundrum", episode 5 of Series 11 of DOCTOR WHO, written by Chris Chibnall and directed by Jennifer Perrott.  We discuss what worked really well for both of us as well as what might not have hit the mark.  We'll look at where things may be going, given that we're now at the halfway point of the series.  As always, we'll have trivia, ratings, and lots of other PTINGS!  Please have a listen!

Direct download: Mutters163_TsurangaConundrum.mp3
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MUTTER'S SPIRAL is crawling back into your eardrums to discuss "Arachnids In The U.K." (Written by Chris Chibnall, directed by Sallie Aprahamian) the 4th episode of Series 11 of DOCTOR WHO.  We'll talk all about those spiders, Chris Noth's all-too-recognizable evil American tycoon, and TEAM TARDIS!  We'll discuss what worked for us, as well as talking about the loose ends, left dangling like so many spider legs.  We'll also have TRIVIA and news, so please have a listen!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back to talk about "Rosa", the amazing 3rd episode of Series 11 of Doctor Who, written by Malorie Blackman and Chris Chibnall and directed by Mark Tonderai.  The episode is really well-done, and John and I discuss it in detail.  We'll also talk about the ongoing mysteries of Series 11, how we feel about this TARDIS team, and more.  Plus, there's trivia and ratings news.  Please have a listen!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast 160 talks about "The Ghost Monument", episode 2 of Series 11 of DOCTOR WHO, written by Chris Chibnall and directed by Mark Tonderai.  We'll talk about what we liked, loved, and were less thrilled with by the episode, plus, just what is The Ghost Monument?  We'll talk about the team, and how we are enjoying this "stronger together" theme to the new season.  We also realize that CHIBNALL LIES, and that's ok, since surprises are good!  We will also talk ratings and do some trivia, of course!  Please have a listen!

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The DOCTOR Is back; Jodie Whittaker IS THE DOCTOR; and Mutter's Spiral Podcast is here to talk all about her debut episode, "The Woman Who Fell To Earth", the start of the Chris Chibnall-as-showrunner era.  John and I discuss what we thought of the episode and the new Doctor; how it compares to other Doctoral debuts; how we found all of the changes to the show, both on-screen and off-; and what worked best and less well for us.  We both really enjoyed the episode and our chat about it, and we hope that transmits to you, dear listeners!  OF COURSE, there's TRIVIA (John came up with some terrific questions) and a whole lot of excitement and joy at having our new DOCTOR and our favorite show back on our screens.  Please have a listen!

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DOCTOR WHO is almost back, so MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back to excitedly preview it!  John and I dust off our little-used microphones to do a short preview of Series 11 and the beginning of the JODIE WHITTAKER era as the 13th Doctor and of the Chris Chibnall era of DOCTOR WHO!  We'll discuss what we know about the new series and what we're hoping for.  We're both very excited and can't wait for the DOCTOR to arrive on Sunday!  Plus, there are some Sheffield-centered trivia questions, one from each of us!  Please have a listen!  THE DOCTOR IS ALMOST HERE!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast has awakened from its offseason slumber to discuss the Steven Moffat Era of DOCTOR WHO!  We talk all things Moffat - what we think of when we think of his stories; what's his legacy likely to be; and just exactly where does he stand all time in the Doctor Who Pantheon (Panopticon?).  He's the most prolific writer in Doctor Who history, and we'll discuss whether we rate him at the very top, or just near it.

We'll also touch briefly on the leaking of footage of Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor (that's early on, and we stay un-spoilery), the naming of Segun Akinola as the new Composer, and the airing of classic Doctor Who episodes on Twitch.

We hope you enjoy it!  And THANK YOU, STEVEN MOFFAT!

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MUTTER’S SPIRAL Podcast is back, and we are FINALLY finishing our discussion of the PETER CAPALDI Era of Doctor Who!  Part 1 was back in episode 151, and after a short hiatus, we will wrap up our dive into Capaldi.  We'll talk about where we feel he ranks in the pantheon of Doctors; how his seasons stack up against others in the modern era; and go in detail about companions, other favorite stories, and anything else we can think of!  John especially has some really eloquent points that he makes about the Capaldi era, so that's worth a listen right there!

We also give a wrap up of the #WhoAgainstGuns campaign and talk about the Target Novelizations that have just been released in the UK and on Kindle, although the physical US release isn't until June.

We hope you enjoy it!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back, and we're talking about our involvement in #WhoAgainstGuns: .  We're very honored to be taking part in raising money to help combat the epidemic of gun violence. 

For a donation of $10, you will get a link to a podcast commentary of the classic Doctor Who story "The War Games" done by over 40 Doctor Who writers, podcasters, and fans.  As if that's not enough, STEVEN MOFFAT and PHILIP HINCHCLIFFE have also recorded commentaries on episodes !  If you donate at higher levels ($25 and $50 or more), you'll be eligible to win giveaways of SO MUCH AMAZING Doctor Who swag!  Full details at the site above, please check it out, if you haven't already!

On this podcast, we'll discuss the episodes we did and what the recording was like, including the other amazing people on our sessions, as well as give some more details on the project.

Donations will be accepted through the end of March, so please go to the site above to learn more and donate to a GREAT cause and give yourself the opportunity to enjoy some GREAT Doctor Who content!

Direct download: Mutters155_WhoAgainstGuns.mp3
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John and I are proud to be a part of the #WhoAgainstGuns project, put together by many in the Whovian community in response to the horrific shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and the epidemic of mass shootings and gun violence in the United States.  Attached is a 2 minute recording describing the project.  For more information, please go to :

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It's a few days late, but MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back to wrap up the final day of 2018's edition of the amazing Gallifrey One convention.  It was a day that transcended, due to an amazing panel called "Gallifrey Waits No More" featuring all of the ladies of Doctor Who (in front and behind the camera) at the convention (and moderated by the amazing Deb Stanish) that turned into a cathartic and harrowingly real and emotional session.  We talk about that and our reactions on this podcast (and we'll go in more detail on this and Gally in general with guests in the weeks to come).  Also, we talk about Alyssa Franke's heartfelt recap of the panel, and there's a link here to that post: Whovian Feminism on GWNM.  

We'll also talk about the great Kaffeeklatsch with Rachel Talalay and Sarah Dollard that we were fortunate enough to attend; Will's meet-and-greet with Jemma Redgrave; and all of the rest of the Sunday goings-on.

Please have a listen!  

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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year on the MUTTER’S SPIRAL Podcast!  We have our great friends Kim Rogers & Sage Young of back with us for our Annual PREVIEW of GALLIFREY ONE, the amazing DOCTOR WHO convention upcoming this Feb. 15-18 in Los Angeles!  Gally looks to be EXTRA amazing this year with special guests headlined by STEVEN MOFFAT as well as SO MANY more actors, writers, directors, and more, plus great panels with brilliant fans of every description!

One of the MOST exciting parts will be Sage and Kim bringing their "This or That" panel to the main stage at Gally with guests Jemma Redgrave & Camille Coduri!  We'll talk about how this came about along with their curation of a FAN VIDEO HAPPY HOUR at Gally, also.  Plus, we'll talk about their other panels, John's panels, and all of the OTHER panels and podcasts and symposiums that we are so excited to see!  

It's a family reunion weekend for all of us, and that sense of community is what keeps bringing us back every year (well, sure, the amazing guests and programming help, too!).  As Sage said on the podcast, this podcast is always a favorite for all of us, because it means GALLY is ALMOST HERE!  

We cover what to look for if it's your first time at Gally, what panels we are anticipating most, and hopefully many other helpful tips for first-timers and veterans alike!  We hope you enjoy it!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back, and we are talking about the PETER CAPALDI Era of Doctor Who!  It's the first part of our deep dive into the time when the Doctor was him.  On this week's episode, we do a broad overview, then we dive into ranking his 3 seasons and why (John does a good job of changing my mind in the process).  We then give our own personal top 5 episodes (or 6 in my case, plus, i cheat again and intentionally don't list what i think is the best, just because I know John will pick it, too).  It's 90 minutes of Talkin' Who!  

Next week, we'll dive into some other favorite episodes, missed opportunities, favorite characters and monsters, and anything else we can think of!  

We had a lot of fun recording this and discussing the greatness that is Peter Capaldi and the awesomeness of his Doctor.  We hope you enjoy it!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back, and we're talking about the emotional farewell to Peter Capaldi, the end of the Steven Moffat Era, "Twice Upon A Time"!  This team up of the 12th and 1st Doctors, set in frozen time just before their regenerations, was a heartfelt and moving journey which made for a fitting denouement to Peter's time as the Doctor as well as a great distillation of the last six seasons of Doctor Who under the leadership of Steven.  

We will dive deep into the episode talking in great depth (we DO like to talk) about what we loved (there were many things) and even one or two parts that didn't work quite as well.  The story was rich with emotion, and we felt all of that and more.  It was a really fun conversation about what we both love about Doctor Who and this team that has brought so much joy to us. 

We'll also excitedly look forward to the NEW DOCTOR, Jodie Whittaker, as we discuss her brief but BRILLIANT first appearance.  We both cannot wait until we see her first episode in full as the Doctor! 

John came up with some great trivia, of course, so there's that to look forward to as well!  Please join us as we wax rhapsodic about this wonderful story. 

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back with a final wrap-up of LI Who 5 as well as some news about the upcoming Gallifrey One 29 and the new guest announcements for it (MOFFAT and MURRAY GOLD!) .  It's a quick chat talking about those topics as well as some squeeing about the teaser for TWICE UPON A TIME that was shown during the Children in Need special in the UK this past week!

We'll be off next week and back the week after with a new pod--- NO, REALLY, I MEAN IT, WE WILL DO ONE .. -cast, likely focusing on a classic Series story and the modern one that featured the same Aliens, from a story we missed first time around.

Direct download: Mutters147LIWhoWrap_News.mp3
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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back, and we're previewing the upcoming Long Island Who 5 convention, taking place this weekend in Islip, New York!  We'll look back at last year (our first LI Who) and then dive into what we're most anticipating about this year's edition - guests (McCoy!  Hussein!  Ward!  Manning!  Oliver!  Hines!) and seeing our Doctor Who family, plus all those fun game shows and panels!  We will also discuss some news, but there's no trivia this week.

We'll be doing mini-podcasts from the convention this coming weekend, so look for those as well!  

Take a listen, won't you?  Thanks!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is BACK!  After a 3 month hiatus, John and I are back to discuss the announcement of the new "TARDIS Team" - NOT COMPANIONS, MIND YOU - made by the BBC earlier this month.  We'll discuss what we know about each of the actors joining the cast, either in full-time roles (Bradley Walsh, Mandip Gill, Tosin Cole) or in a 'returning' role (Sharon D. Clarke).  We'll talk about the notable absence of the word "companion" from the press release and speculate on what this might mean (if anything).

We'll also discuss our recent guest appearance on the GALLIFREY PUBLIC RADIO podcast to discuss the Pertwee classic "The Time Monster" and also preview upcoming podcasts, mostly focusing on the upcoming LI Who 5 convention.

We are excited to be back, so won't you please join us?  Thanks!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is excited to have Kayti Burt, Associate Editor of Den of Geek, join us to discuss her time at this year's San Diego Comic Con!  2017 SDCC featured a great Doctor Who panel with Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, Matt Lucas, Michelle Gomez, Mark Gatiss, and, of course, head writer and showrunner Steven Moffat. They discussed the upcoming Christmas special "Twice Upon a Time" as well as the end of their era of Doctor Who.  Kayti was at the panel AND did press interviews with everyone, so we're thrilled to have her back to share her experiences!  

We'll also talk about the Britbox Classic Doctor Who panel with Colin Baker, Sophie Aldred, and Peter Davison, all of whom she interviewed, and the controversial remarks from Mr. Davison about the naming of the new Doctor, Jodie Whittaker.

Kayti will share her thoughts about Jodie Whittaker's taking over the reins of WHO, plus we'll talk about some of other shows she covered at SDCC, including Outlander, The Expanse, and BIG FAVORITE of both John and me, WYNONNA EARP.

It's a really fun and informative interview, and we hope you enjoy it!

This episode sadly starts on a more somber note, as we note the passing of two important members of the Whovian family - Deborah Watling, who delighted us all as Victoria Waterfield, companion to Second Doctor, and Trevor Baxter, Professor George Litefoot of "The Talons of Weng-Chiang" as well as the highly successful audio series  "Jago & Litefoot" for Big Finish.

We'll have additional tributes to Ms. Watling over the next two weeks, as we will be both reposting our review of "Tomb of the Cybermen", one of her most famous stories, as well as posting a new review of "Web of Fear".

Direct download: Mutters141_PostComicConKaytiBurt.mp3
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It's a double shot of DOCTOR WHO discussion this week on the MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast!  We have our great friends Kim Rogers & Sage Young of back with us to discuss their thoughts on Series 10 of DOCTOR WHO - they liked a lot (Sarah Dollard, Rona Munro, Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, Michelle Gomez), but they were also really disappointed with how the character of Bill was handled and treated.  They pull no punches in their critique, which is great - their love for the show and for Bill is evident in their high expectations and honest appraisal of how it all went.  

BUT, before the series 10 recap, we jump FORWARD in time to discuss the naming of JODIE WHITTAKER as the 13th Doctor with KIM (flying solo this time) - we get her reactions and thoughts on how Jodie will do, plus Kim gives a great and impassioned exhortation about the need for more women of color in the Whoniverse as well as her dream for DOCTOR WHO to be an incubator of new and diverse talent, both on screen and off.

SO - it's 36 minutes with Kim on Jodie Whittaker followed by an hour of Kim & Sage on Series 10 - a double-header of WHO content this week!

NOTES: This episode has some EXPLICIT language, so be warned. :)  That "E" is there for a reason this week!  

Direct download: Mutters140_HoFJodieSeries10Review.mp3
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JODIE WHITTAKER is the 13th DOCTOR!  This exciting news was announced this past Sunday by the BBC, and we're back on this episode of MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast to discuss, expound, and squee joyfully about it!  We talk about our reaction, including our joyous shock that the exciting choice was made - to select a staggeringly talented young FEMALE actor to take over the iconic role.  We'll talk about Jodie's CV, our experience with her work, and also how much of the Steven Moffat era led to this momentous choice.  Please have a listen!

Direct download: Mutters139_JodieWhittakerIStheDOCTOR.mp3
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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back with its review of Series 10 of DOCTOR WHO!  We'll talk all about what we loved (Capaldi, Pearl, Michelle Gomez, Sarah Dollard, Rona Munro) in Series 10 as well as what we did NOT care for (THE MONKS, the BBC publicity department who spoiled John Simm's return).  We'll dive into our favorite episodes and moments while also talking about those that left us wanting.  We'll also talk a bit about expectations for the Christmas special.  Please have a listen!

NOTE: This was recorded BEFORE ep 137 that was posted on Monday.

Direct download: Mutters138_Series10Review.mp3
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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is STILL talking about "The Doctor Falls", and this time we've got our friend Kathleen Schowalter joining us to offer her insights and viewpoints!  

We loved talking Who with Kathleen in her first appearance on the podcast, so this seemed like a great time to have her back on, in the wake of the finale.  She brings up some areas of discussion that John and I didn't go over (or just missed) in our recap, and her intelligence and perspective is a great catalyst for conversation!  We really enjoyed making this episode, and it should be a fun and thought-provoking experience for you, dear listener!  So, please check it out!!

Direct download: Mutters137_Kathleen_DoctorFalls.mp3
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Well, that was quite a finale, wasn't it?  MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast will talk all about the epic "The Doctor Falls", written by Steven Moffat, directed by Rachel Talalay, and of course starring the glorious cast of Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, Matt Lucas, Michelle Gomez, and John Simm, on this week's episode.  We'll discuss what we loved, liked and didn't care for in the story while talking about how it fit in the season as a whole as well as the entire Moffat canon.  We will gush a lot (as we do), but we'll also discuss some of the more problematic elements.  Of course, there's also trivia!  

Please have a listen!

Direct download: Mutters136_TheDoctorFalls.mp3
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OMG!  WTF?  WHAT?  WHAT?  MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is AGOG over the action-packed jaw-dropping penultimate episode of Series 10 (and part 1 of the series finale) "World Enough and Time", written by Steven Moffat and directed by Rachel Talalay!  We will discuss all of the amazing goings-on from this shattering episode.  John was mesmerized by the impact of the story, while the amount of pre-episode spoilage I'd suffered muted my reactions to a varying degree.  We'll go over everything - the great performances and direction, the surprises, the revelations, and where we think the finale will go from here.  Plus, there's trivia, as always!

Please have a listen!  

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast this week talks all about "The Eaters of Light", episode 10 of Series 10 (or 36) of DOCTOR WHO.  This episode marks the return of classic series writer Rona Munro (Writer of "Survival", the final 7th Doctor story, which was also the final story of the first run of the series) to the WHO family.  It's a story of Picts and Romans and Crows and Locusts which we both quite enjoyed.  We'll talk about what we liked as well as what could have been a bit better for us.  We'll also talk about how things stand heading into the HUGE 2-part finale that starts next week.  Plus, there's trivia and a bit of news!

Please have a listen!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast this week addresses "The Lie of the Land", the finale to the Monks trilogy, written by Toby Whithouse and directed by Wayne Yip.  We were both less than enthused by this episode individually as well as in its role as the culmination of the three-part story.  We will go in depth about what didn't work at all for us (as well as some stuff we did like - Missy, Bill's Mom).  John also makes some good points about how and why the trilogy doesn't hold together for him (nor me).  I lament the loss of the early-season momentum and express my dislike of the Monks in general as foes for the Doctor.  There's also trivia, of course!  

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast 131 talks all about "The Pyramid at the End of the World", written by Peter Harness & Steven Moffat, directed by Daniel Nettheim.  It's part 2 of the "Monks" trilogy, and, candidly, it's not our favorite.  John and I discuss what worked, what didn't, and the big flaws we each found in the episode.  We will go into various theories we have, as well as real world issues that affected the creation of this episode, while holding out hope that Part 3 next week (and Toby Whithouse) can save this story.

There's also discussion of the first batch of guests announced for 2018's Gallifrey One convention - classic stars, new series stars, writers, directors, and annual favorites of us all!  Gally may be 9 months away, but we are already eagerly anticipating it!

Of course, there's trivia (7 questions this week), a brief news recap, and a cat named Puncher makes his podcast debut!  Please take a listen!  


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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back, and we're discussing the mind-bending new DOCTOR WHO Episode "Extremis", written by Steven Moffat & directed by Daniel Nettheim (S 10 Ep 06).  We will dive into the episode and look at it from every angle we can - both the flashbacks with Missy & Nardole (proxy for River) as well as the main thread of the story with Bill, Nardole, the Pope, Cardinal Angelo, CERN, et al.  We pick at the details that tripped us up, potentially, and John gives me a great solution for one of the main troubles I had!  We puzzle over how we'd react if we were in such a situation, as well.  There's also of course trivia (and a puntastic opening). Plus...

We have new theme music!  It's a track called "Ecstasy" from Purple Planet:


Check out their site, lots of cool stuff!

Have a listen, won't you!

PS - Sorry for the lateness this week - a cold got John!  He's all better now. 

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back, and we're almost breathless while talking about "Oxygen", Jamie Mathieson's stellar new story, the 5th episode of Series 10 of DOCTOR WHO.   We both really enjoyed it, and we will discuss what excited us so.  Plus, we'll talk about where we go from here as we head into the big 3-parter (and perhaps learn who's in the vault?)!  It's easy to see there's a lot going on!  Plus, there's trivia and discussion of the latest name in the Next Doctor sweepstakes.

Take a listen, won't you?

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back to talk about "Knock Knock", the creepy 4th episode of Series 10 of DOCTOR WHO.  The episode is particularly disturbing for one of us who has an issue with crawling bugs/monsters, so we will talk about this, as well as the magnificent performance from guest star David Suchet.  We'll also discuss the references to GRANDFATHER and talk about just who might be in the vault!

There's also trivia, news, and even a quick discussion of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2!  Please take a listen!

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MUTTER’S SPIRAL Podcast is back, and we're talking about "Thin Ice", the delightful 3rd episode of Series 10 of DOCTOR WHO, written by the amazing Sarah Dollard!  John and I will talk all about Bill's first trip into the past and the lessons she learns from her tutor, the Doctor.  This week, she sees some of the hard truths of the life she's embarked upon and has to confront death and suffering in a way she hasn't yet (i.e., as it happens directly in front of her).  

While there are many great and serious lines, speeches, and thoughts in this episode, there are just as many funny moments plus the continued great chemistry between Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie.  We will rhapsodize over those, as well as giving well-deserved kudos to the costuming and the overall design of the episode, courtesy of Haley Nebauer and Michael Pickwoad, respectively.

It's our favorite episode of the season, and one we both think will continue to delight us for years to come.  Quintessential Doctor Who!  Please have a listen, won't you?

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast returns to discuss "Smile" 😀 (by Frank Cottrell Boyce), episode 2 of Series 10 of DOCTOR WHO.  John and I talk about Bill's first "official" trip in the TARDIS, and how her first off-world adventure compares to other "first trips" in the modern era (echoes of Rose, Amy, Clara) and what that could portend for the Doctor-Bill relationship as well as the rest of this series.  We will go over the plot, noting similarities to many other works, both inside of DOCTOR WHO and outside, and give opinions on how well the story worked for us.

We will also talk Ratings and the New Doctor Rumor Mill, and there's some excellent trivia this week - I'm forced to use "Eagles Math" to get my score over 50%!

Have a listen, won't you?  🎤🎧

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DOCTOR WHO is finally back with SERIES 10!  The show returns with a crackling episode called "The Pilot", and that's what we're discussing on this episode of the MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast!

"The Pilot" begins the final series for Peter Capaldi as the Doctor (*CRY*), and it introduces us to the glorious Pearl Mackie as new companion Bill Potts!  John and I will discuss Bill's initial meeting with the Doctor and the adventure that ensues.  We ponder whether "The Pilot" lives up to its name (in a tv show sense - a first episode) as a good starting point for new viewers.  We'll also note a copious amount of Easter Eggs (TIMELY) sprinkled throughout the episode as a treat for returning fans as well as potential clues to how Series 10 will develop.  We'll talk about the return of Matt Lucas as Nardole and what role he plays, both within the narrative and from a production perspective.

We will of course dive in to the meat of the episode itself - The Doctor becoming Bill's "tutor" and their relationship; Bill's encounters with Heather which leads to the encounters with the oil (water? Substance?) that ultimately absorbs Heather and sets out after Bill.  There's a mysterious vault, some photographs from long ago, of both Bill's mother and of the Doctor's Family (SUSAN & River, but did we mention SUSAN?) and the fate of Heather and whether we will see her again (Magic 8-Ball says, "All signs point to YES").

We will also talk about what the rest of Series 10 may hold and about that TRAILER - John Simm!  REGENERATION!  That leads into a discussion of the Kris Marshall rumors: IS he the next Doctor?  If so, will we see him BEFORE Christmas?  Are we being faked out by Moffat et al?

And, TRIVIA is back!  John has some excellent and interesting questions as always - I did ok on them - how will you do?

All in all, it's a lot of excited chatter about Doctor Who & "The Pilot".  We're excited the show is back, and we love discussing it with each other and hope it's a pleasant listening experience for you!  Please try it and see (or should that be hear?)!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back, just in time to preview SERIES 10 of DOCTOR WHO (the final Peter Capaldi series, *heavysadness*)!  Join John and I as we delve into talking about what we can look for in Series 10 - episode by episode, storyline by storyline.  We will talk about the upcoming debut of Pearl Mackie as Bill, and how Bill will fit on the show.  We talk about the return of many old foes (including some "surprise" ones that have been revealed to the public already).

We do talk in detail about each episode, so if you like to stay away from knowing too much, be forewarned.  But, if you're like us and love to speculate and anticipate, then this will be right up your trap street!

We will also discuss the return of Classic Doctor Who episodes to American streaming as BritBox debuts stateside, and we will discuss the sad passing of a great actor, Tim Pigott-Smith, from the classic era (and one of John's favorite stories, "The Masque of Mandragora").  Trivia will return next week with the episode recaps!

We are VERY excited for Series 10, and we're excited to be back discussing them with each other and with you, dear listener!  We hope you enjoy!!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast returns with a fun and thought-provoking deep dive into various DOCTOR WHO topics with our good friend Kathleen Schowalter!  She's a brilliant PhD, she's a super analytical and thoughtful WHO fan, and she's a delight to talk to!  We talk about her WHO "origin story", including: her initial fear of Tom Baker and how her feelings towards him have changed since she got back into WHO fandom in adulthood.  We also talk more about how Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey" pertains to Doctor Who and the companions, building from the fascinating panel that she excelled on at Gallifrey One, as well as just which WHO story she feels is the BEST example of that in the WHO canon.  We dive into favorite episodes, both classic and new, and she turns the tables on us with some thoughtful questions to John and me about our likes and dislikes in WHO.

We also discuss the news of the return of the ORIGINAL Mondassian Cybermen to Series 10 for the first time in over 50 years since "The Tenth Planet" and how we all feel about their return (spoiler alert, we are almost as excited as Peter Capaldi - LOTS).  We discuss the news of British Bookmakers shutting down wagering on the next Doctor after lots of money came in on Kris Marshall, and Kathleen and John help me figure out just who that is!  We discuss what we think Chris Chibnall's WHO might look like as well.

It's a really enjoyable and engrossing conversation to have participated in, and we hope listening to it is as pleasurable as recording it was!   We're already looking forward to having Kathleen back on the show!  Listen and find out why!

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We're back to the "real world" from a DELIGHTFUL GALLIFREY ONE Doctor Who Convention (the 28th!), and we're continuing recapping the con and keeping that GALLYLOVE vibe going with our great friends Sage Young and Kim Rogers of !  We'll focus on their throughts on this year's shindig and specifically their participation in panels, podcasts, games, cosplay, etc!  Kim talks about her participation in Paul Cornell's "Would I Lie To You" game and her triumphant stint during "In Defense of..." PLUS her turn as the maniacally cruel BBC America executive during the live REALITY BOMB Podcast!  Sage was dropping knowledge all weekend - she did a great mini-panel during REALITY BOMB as well as excelling on the Chibnall Era Transition and Class Is Now in Session panels!  They'll tell us about the fantastic PUNK COMPANIONS cosplay that they and many of their friends did, too (it was AMAZING)!

ALSO, check our main Libsyn page for the mini-podcasts from the weekend, including ones with Felicity Kusinitz and Deb Stanish of Verity!

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IT'S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME.... OF THE YEAR!  That's right, it's February - time for another GALLIFREY ONE Doctor Who Convention (the 28th!), so this must be our annual preview episode with our great friends Sage Young and Kim Rogers of !  We'll discuss what everyone is doing (panels, cosplay, etc) at this year's Gally, as well as the other people, places, and things that we're looking forward to!  Also, John and I will do a little intro about Gally in general for any listener who is going for the first time.  It's a quick listen, just enough to get your juices flowing for the convention (HA - as if we aren't all amped up to 11 (or TWELVE) already! )

ALSO, keep your eye on our main Libsyn page all weekend (as well as our Twitter feeds) for links to our podcasts from the convention!

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It's a jam-packed and bittersweet edition of the MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast this week!  Our friend Kayti Burt joins us to talk all about SHERLOCK, as we discuss her great ranking of the show's episodes, from worst to best, that she did for (Link HERE ).  We've been trying to have her on for a couple of weeks, and we finally solved our usual tech issues to get her on the podcast!  HOWEVER...

In the interim from our original recording date to the actual date, several sad occurrences of various forms have happened:

1. Peter Capaldi has announced that he's leaving DOCTOR WHO after the Christmas 2017 episode (Same time that Steven Moffat departs).  We discuss his decision and talk about some of our favorites for #13.

2. Even more sad is the news of the passing of the War Doctor, SIR JOHN HURT.  We talk of his significance to all of WHO fandom as well as each of us individually (Especially John, as Sir John in many ways led him into Whovian fandom).  We discuss the great privilege that John & I had of meeting him and interacting last year at Gallifrey One.

SO - that leads to a 2 hour episode, but one that I think is one of our very best (and easily broken up into shorter chunks).

As a bonus, you'll hear Sir John himself, doing 2 of WHO's most famous speeches: William Hartnell's farewell to Susan from "Dalek Invasion of Earth" (and "The Five Doctors") AND the 12th Doctor's exquisite speech from "The Zygon Inversion".

PLEASE take a listen.  Thanks!!

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Corneal abrasions!  Lingering colds!  Microphone issues!  Travel Delays!  And that's just for the podcasters! Also, THE EAST WIND!  MUSGRAVE!  And, perhaps, our last adventure with Sherlock Holmes and John Watson (for now and for this incarnation)!  It's all there as MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast tackles "The Final Problem", the final episode of SHERLOCK'S (FINAL?) season!  

This episode generates some strong opinions from us, and we don't view everything as positively as at other times!  However, as always, Sherlock episodes make for great fodder for discussion.  We talk about the story and about how it fits into the overall narrative of the series, and how it affects everything we've seen previously.  We'll contemplate what worked for us, as well as what didn't.  

Plus, there's some trivia, and even some REVERSE TRIVIA about the sneaky cameo in the final moments ("Struggle after Struggle, year after year")!  Please take a listen!


(technical note: due to the aforementioned microphone issues, the sound is a little wonky, but still listenable)


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SHERLOCK Series 4 continues with "The Lying Detective", and there's SO MUCH for us to discuss!  

How are Sherlock and John after the events of last episode?  Where do we go from here?  HOW CREEPY is Culverton Smith?  Has Sherlock finally lost control of, well, everything?  Can John find his way back to some semblance of normalcy?  

The answer to these questions as well as ALL of the other goings on (no spoilers here, just in case), will be talked about in full on this week's podcast (I took 8 pages of notes!)! Here's a heaping helping of SHERLOCK DISCUSSION as we head towards the close of Series 4 (and the series for the near future?)!  Please listen!

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SHERLOCK Series 4 is finally here, after a LONG 3 year wait (with one special thrown in), and Mutter's Spiral Podcast dives deep into the somewhat murky waters of "The Six Thatchers"!  

There are SO MANY things to discuss: Mysteries, Mary, Whatever the HELL John is up to, SHERLOCK (of course), divine direction from Rachel Talalay, and lots of speculation as to what's to come!  

Jump in and have a listen won't you?  (As usual, there's trivia and ratings news, too!)

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The DOCTOR is finally back!  "The Return of Doctor Mysterio" brings the Doctor back after a one-year absence, and John and I are itching to talk about it!  How did we find this year's special?  How did this story fit in with the Doctor's recent, sadder history?  Is he still reeling from the final night with River?  And Nardole is with him?  What did we think of Grant/Ghost & Lucy?  Take a listen and find out!

Also, we'll discuss the final episode of "Power of the Daleks"!  How did the story wrap up?  Was it even darker than we expected?  This story made each of us re-evaluate the Daleks; take a listen to find out how our perspectives have changed over the quintessential Doctor Who villains/monsters!

Plus, FINALLY, TRIVIA RETURNS!  We had a blast recording this, and we hope you enjoy bending your ear our way!

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The tension is mounting in "Power of the Daleks", and MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back to break it down for you!  The pieces are falling into place, and we can see things getting worse and worse for the Doctor, Ben & Polly!  John and I discuss the ratcheting dread, as well as showing our appreciation for the great script and performances (and animation).  We're really enjoying this weekly trek through this classic WHO story!

Plus, there's a new Sherlock trailer, and we discuss that as well as the entirety of the upcoming Series 4.  We discuss story titles, their corresponding stories from the Holmes canon, and just what we might possibly see in the new season!  


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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast returns to continue with our recap of "Power of the Daleks"; this week, we tackle episode 3.  Pieces are starting to fit into place, and we are seeing just what is going on in the colony on Vulcan.  We discuss all of that, and we add our overall impressions.

Also, I (Will) have embarked on a full new Series rewatch, including Doctor Who Confidentials.  I'll talk about my early impressions from this rewatch (I'm through "Dalek"). 

Bite-sized episode (for us) this week, as we know everyone's trying to watch what they eat over the holidays!  Come join us! 

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back with a new episode, and we've got our favorites, Kim & Sage from with us!  They'll give us the behind-the-scenes scoop of their phenomenal "This or That" panel with Paul McGann from Long Island Who 4, as well as sharing their feelings about the convention as a whole.  We always love having them on, and this one is especially great (IMHO).  It's delightful!

Before we get to Sage & Kim, though, John and I will discuss "Power of the Daleks" episode 2.  We'll discuss our thoughts on the episode itself, while also debating pros and cons of the "old school" one episode a week with cliffhangers, slower pacing, etc format.  Plus, how is the story matching up with our expectations so far?  We talk about all of that.

It's a podcast full of fun and chat, and we'd love for you to take a listen!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is fully BACK!  We broke from our long offseason's nap with Podcasts from Long Island Who 4, and now we are back with a full episode!  

We are diving into a weekly recap/analysis of the newly released animated version of POWER OF THE DALEKS, starting, of course, with episode 1 this week!  How do we feel seeing this classic story finally get to our ears and eyes?  Listen and find out!

We also do a wrap up of our fantastic weekend at LI Who 4, some of our favorite things as well as how we feel now that we're a week removed.

Plus, we will discuss the extended trailer for "The Return of Doctor Mysterio", the upcoming Christmas Special, that was shown as part of Children in Need 2016.

We're excited to be back weekly, as we've got POWER leading into the Christmas special, then SHERLOCK series 4.   

Please take a listen!

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GALLY 2016 is here and MUTTER'S SPIRAL is here to enjoy!  We will be putting up Podcasts all weekend, and we hope you listen and have fun and get a chance to experience what the convention is like!  WY

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It's the most wonderful time.... of the year.... GALLY TIME!  THAT'S RIGHT!  IF the calendar has turned to February, then Doctor Who fans are turning their sights towards Los Angeles and the 27 Stations of Gallifrey One .  As such, here at the MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast, we're thinking Gally and we've got a big preview for you!  How big?  

We've got our great friends, the wonderful and talented Kim & Sage of with us to talk about this year's convention, what we're are looking forward to, and many more high-level convention-going tips from all of us.  It's an hour of excited squeeing - come squee along with us, won't you?  

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BREAKING WHO NEWS: Steven Moffat has announced he's stepping down after Series 10, to be replaced by Broadchurch creator (and Who and Torchwood writer) Chris Chibnall.  AND, NO NEW WHO UNTIL CHRISTMAS 2016!  SO - lots to talk about in a special BREAKING NEWS edition of MUTTER'S SPIRAL!

So, how do John & Will feel about this changing of the guard?  What do they think of Chibnall's previous work, and what might Who look like with him in charge?  We go through a lot of what we know and share our thoughts.  Won't you join us?  

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!  MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back, and since it's an even-numbered year, that means SHERLOCK is back, too!  "The Abominable Bride" returns Sherlock, Watson, Mary, Molly, Lestrade, Mrs. Hudson, Mycroft & Moriarty to our screens FINALLY!  

It's a very fun and inception-y episode with parts both in the 1890s (Traditional Sherlock Holmes stomping grounds) and modern day, following the end of S3 while also veering off fancifully!  

John & Will discuss it fully - what they really liked, what they really did not like (Will has some issues, so much so that he can't finish a sentence), but just generally exalt in the return of Holmes & Watson to our screens.  Plus, there's trivia!  Please have a listen!

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It's time for the beloved annual tradition (well, since 2005): DOCTOR WHO at Christmas!  This year, the Doctor is back with a song.... RIVER SONG!  River makes her re-appearance in "The Husbands of River Song", and we'll talk all about it on the MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast!

There's screwball comedy, unrecognized faces, a truly proper goggling at the dimensions of the TARDIS, great fun as well as heartfelt emotion and bittersweet sadness as the Doctor & River finally make it to the Singing Towers of Darillium for their (almost) final date.  

John and I really loved this episode and enjoyed diving in and discussing it in great detail!  Plus, there's some good trivia (OF COURSE!)!  Please have a listen!

Thanks to all of our listeners and downloaders for being a part of this!  Here's to a Happy & Safe New Year to everyone, from John & me!  

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We're going back in time on this week's MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast: a re-posting (the original one is long gone) of "Vincent & The Doctor", one of our very favorite episodes and one of our first podcasts (#10)!  

We recorded about ten minutes of new content as an introduction, then you'll travel by TARDIS (OK, speaker) back to June 2010 for our discussion of Vincent.  This seemed suitably gushy and happy for the holiday season!

Please enjoy our gift to you (and Doctor Who's gift to all of us)!  Happy Holidays!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back with a recap of Series 9, and we're joined by two of our very favorite people, Sage & Kim from !  They'll dive deep with us as we talk all about Series 9: the Doctor, Clara, Timelords, Zygons, et al!  Plus, they'll give us the rundown on two conventions they recently attended: L.I. Who 3 and Chicago TARDIS.  It's always a pleasure to talk Doctor Who with Sage & Kim, as they are bright, fun, thoughtful guests.  Their recaps of WHO (and other TV) is essential reading for any Whovian!  Lots of chat and laughter and fun on this one, so come join us, won't you?

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Mutter's Spiral Podcast returns to talk about "Hell Bent", the Series 9 finale of DOCTOR WHO - John & Will share their thoughts on the finale and the various goings on.  "Heaven Sent" was loved by us, but how do we feel about this follow up?  It's an amazing episode and one that evokes strong feelings from us both, and we try and verbalize them, when not squeeing.  PLUS, the return of trivia!

Also, coming NEXT week, it's a #FEELSSPIRAL, as Kim & Sage of join us to break things down further, give us convention updates and who knows what else?!?

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back to talk about the SUBLIME, AMAZING, FANTASTIC episode of DOCTOR WHO, "Heaven Sent" - written by Steven Moffat & Directed by Rachel Talalay!  

This is simply an episode we both loved - we'll break down what worked, why it did, the challenges involved, and what this means for the upcoming season finale.  We'll GUSH A LOT over how great Capaldi, Moffat, Talalay are and what an accomplishment this episode is.  Basically, it's a love-fest... and a well-earned one!

There's no trivia this week, as we wanted to get right to talking about the episode, although we do hit on some news tidbits, including the title of the Christmas episode!  

Please have a listen, won't you?  Thanks!

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We're back, and we're sad - join us as we talk about "Face The Raven" - DOCTOR WHO Series 9, Episode 10.  We'll discuss Clara's exit and how we feel about her, the exit and how it was done, and what it means going forward.  It's a gorgeously written episode from Sarah Dollard, and we pay homage to her while dealing with our feelings.  We'll also go into historical context as well.  Plus, some trivia.

BTW, the musical intro is "Clara?" from Murray Gold and the Series 7 soundtrack.

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back, and we've got company!  Our friend Shannon joins us to talk about her experience at LI Who 3, seeing Paul McGann, Katy Manning, Janet Fielding and others

We then get into a discussion about "Sleep No More", the latest DOCTOR WHO episode from the pen (keyboard?) of Mark Gatiss.  This was one of the more experimental (and confusing) episodes of Doctor Who, so we talk about that, how it fits (or doesn't) in S9, what didn't really work for us, and what it might mean for the final 3 episodes.  

We really enjoyed having Shannon on, as it led to some great discussion, and she has a lot to offer.  Take a listen and hear for yourself!  

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We've hit triple digits!  It's podcast #100 on MUTTER'S SPIRAL!  We're back to talk about "The Zygon Inversion" - did it overcome issues & problems with part 1?  Are we filled with happiness and relief?  HOW GOOD WAS CAPALDI AND THAT SPEECH?  What's next for Clara?  Lots of questions, and we've got answers, all in podcast form!  Plus, there's TRIVIA, as always!  

AND, what special thing did we do for our 100th?  (Nothing - come on, you know it, it's a miracle the podcast was properly recorded the first time).  But, seriously, we have a blast doing this, and we thank EVERYONE who listens!!  It's our pleasure to do this, and we hope it has been enjoyable for you to listen to.  

Here's to the NEXT 100!

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ZYGONS, ZYGONS EVERYWHERE!  Mutter's Spiral Podcast is back talking about "The Zygon Invasion", episode 7 of Series 9 of DOCTOR WHO (and, yes, part 1 of 2)!  It's a shorter podcast, since it's half of a very plot-heavy story from Peter Harness.  We don't talk plot much, as that's left to unravel in part 2, but we do talk about the political parallels between this story and "real life" as well as a lot of elements that did NOT work for me (Will) - I'm full of disdain.  John enjoyed the story more, but he was not comfortable with the political messages raining down upon the viewers, either.  We're both hoping that part 2 really brings the story home in a successful way, so we decided to wait until next week for a more full discussion of the story. 

It's interesting listening (we hope), but it's not as positive and sunny as our usual podcasts.  Of course, there's also TRIVIA!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back again, and we're discussing the fascinating "The Woman Who Lived", episode 6 of Series 9 of DOCTOR WHO.  The Doctor, Lady Me, Smoke & Mayflies - all of this as the Doctor confronts what he has done to Ashildr/Me and how that resonates for both her and him (oh, and Clara).  Some great writing and acting as we set up the back half of Series 9.  Plus, some big news and trivia!  Please listen, won't you?

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Maisie Williams!  Vikings!  Eels!  Why DID the Doctor frown himself that face?  All of these things and more were a huge part of "The Girl Who Died", episode 5 of Series 9 of Doctor Who, and John & Will are here to dive deep!  We'll talk about the ep, what it means going forward, what our thoughts and fears and hopes for the rest of the series are, and more!  Plus, trivia, including a GREAT factoid on the director from John.  We really enjoyed this episode, and hopefully our joy will shine through on the podcast!  Have a listen and find out!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back to talk about "Before the Flood", the 4th episode of DOCTOR WHO Series 9 and the conclusion to "Under the Lake".  John brings us in paradoxically (?) into the podcast, and then we talk about what worked for us and what left us a bit wanting.  We will also tackle trivia and news and all things Bootstrappy!  Please take a listen!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL returns to talk about "Under the Lake", the 3rd episode of DOCTOR WHO Series 9!  It's a proper scary episode, and we talk about the scares, our love of the Doctor's quippiness, our concern for Clara, and, of course, that CLIFFHANGER and what it all means.  Plus, news and trivia!

Also, we speculate pretty heavily on part 2 of this story at the end of the podcast, so if you don't want to listen to that, you'll be able to tell when it starts (right at the very end).

Please come listen!  

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast 94 is live, talking all about the phenomenal episode "The Witch's Familiar", the second part of the first story of Series 9 of DOCTOR WHO!  John & Will may actually run out of adjectives this week trying to describe all of the things to love in this story.  Amazing acting, writing and direction combine to make an instant classic story.  We are both very excited over the start to Series 9!

Plus, news - ratings talk, rumors, etc - and trivia!  Please listen, if you're so inclined!  Thanks!! 

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DOCTOR WHO Series 9 begins Saturday (9/19), so that must mean that MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back, too!  John & Will return from hiatus to talk about the upcoming Series 9!  We go over the episodes and rev up the Speculatron!  Also, we discuss the imminent exit of the wonderful Jenna Coleman and toss around ideas for the next companion (Something for your Bucket List, perhaps?).  We also give our impressions of seeing the Series 8 finale in 3D in the cinemas.  

We're excited to be back!  We hope you can listen in and share our excitement!


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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is BACK, and we've got the TVmouse (@theTVmouse) with us! We asked our friend Kelly to join us, and she chose the 10th Doctor classic "MIDNIGHT", one of the very best episodes of DOCTOR WHO - and definitely one of the most traumatic.  

In fact, this is only the 2nd time John has seen it, as he vowed never again after the first time - THAT is how shook he was.  To me, it's the scariest of all Doctor Who - mad humans and the Doctor without his "superpower", his voice.  Kelly chose very wisely!

It's a fascinating episode and such a departure for the RTD era, and we have a lot of fun talking about it.  Plus, of course, there's trivia!  

Please take a listen, won't you? 

Twitter: @mutterspiral   @YosemiteForest

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March 26, 2005 - DOCTOR WHO returned to television screens and met ROSE TYLER.  

Today, TEN YEARS later, we celebrate that return by discussing "ROSE", the premiere episode of the return!  This podcast was recorded in 2010 (#16 overall), but it's not in circulation currently, so we thought we'd repost it (also, largely due to John being ill and unable to record) - we not only talk about the episode itself, but where WHO was at the time, and also how Rose and the return brought John and me together as friends.  We hope you'll enjoy this!  Just anytime we say "five years", mentally say to yourself "Ten years".  :)


PS - Fully new episodes coming very soon - first up: MIDNIGHT with guest Kelly Connolly (@TheTVMouse)

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The 26 Seasons of Gallifrey One, the 2015 version of North America's pre-eminent Doctor Who convention, is in the books, and John and Will return for one last recap.  They'll discuss the weekend - what they liked, what they wish they'd seen, podcasts they did and will be doing - everything in general.  Join them for a quick burst back through the excitement of Gally!


NOTE: This was recorded on Friday afternoon; shortly thereafter, John and his wife learned of the passing of her mother.  Deepest condolences go out to his wife V, John, and their entire family.  V's mom was a nice lady and well-loved; she'll be missed.

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Just testing remote feeding!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast 87 - GALLIFREY ONE - 2015 Preview

It's almost time for GALLIFREY ONE - the 26th (like the show!) edition of the premier Doctor Who US fan gathering, and MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is here to preview the entire weekend and, well, just squee giddily for 45 minutes!  

We'll talk about the various panels and guests we're excited to see, AND, we'll tell you about the many great FAN panels, including one that will include JOHN himself (Doctor Who - Remember When? - Sunday, 10 AM, Program D).  Of course, there's another John (BARROWMAN!) there on the weekend (and up against our John, no less!) as well as the wondrous and amazing ALEX KINGSTON.  SO - Captain Jack AND River Song - plus, tons of other guests both Doctor Who (20th & 21st century) and Torchwood (including Eve Myles, Naoko Mori AND Burn Gorman!) and even other areas of entertainment!

Also, we'll talk about the fan panels that include John as well as Kim & Sage of, former guests on the show, and lots of our other friends.  

We'll also give an overview for those who are going to their first Gally One; wax rhapsodically about the food at Champions Sports Bar (Fish & Chips, please); and just have warm feelings about going back "home" for the weekend.  Plus, we'll give tips on finding us at Gally One - there's a free beverage in it for you!

Please take a listen - and, also, please humbly and gratefully accept our thanks for downloading and listening.  It's our pleasure to bring this to you.

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast 86 - "Flesh and Stone" (again)

MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast continues its jaunt down "Weeping Angel Memory Lane" with a discussion of "Flesh and Stone", the 2nd part of Series 5's epic Angel tale.  We talk at length about the terrific episode and even speculate about parts of the episode that seemed... "out of time".  This was our 5th podcast, recorded in May 2010.  We've also recorded a brief news update at the start with two David Tennant tidbits.  Won't you have a listen?  

Coming next week: GALLY 2015 preview!

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It's time for more "MUTTERS Classic" - yes, a repeat from our archives - today, following on last week's podcast on "Blink", we look at "The Time of Angels" - part 1 of the 2 part Weeping Angel story from Series 5 - this is the 4th 11th Doctor episode as well as the 4th MUTTER'S SPIRAL episode  - May 10, 2010 - so it's from the early days!  I'm sure there's lots of discussion, gushing and trivia!  We again did a quick intro - not much news this week, but just a little hello.  If you're so inclined, take a listen!  Enjoy!  

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast wishes you all a happy 2015!  We're celebrating by... going back to 1/27/11 - when we recorded this podcast for "Blink", the classic Doctor Who episode from 2007, written by Steven Moffat and starring David Tennant, Freema Agyeman and Carey Mulligan!  We thought this would be a fun podcast to bring back, since it's no longer up anywhere - of course, "Blink" is one of the all-time greatest episodes of Doctor Who!  

As bonuses for this podcast, you get a lot of great stories about our trip to London in 2006 to meet the writers (Cornell, Moffat, Dicks, Shearman, Greenhorn, MacRae, and even Gary Russell!)  There's a great story that John will recount that has to do with the FIRST edition of this episode's script from that night!

2nd bonus: we're in the same room for the first time ever!  So, that's something! 

The NEW content is 10 minutes of news about Series 9, RTD, Gally/Barrowman.  Then, into the original podcast!  Please have a listen!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast 83 - "Last Christmas"

HAPPY NEW YEAR from MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast, and we're finally here to discuss the crackingly wonderful DOCTOR WHO Christmas episode, "Last Christmas"!  Join us as we go over every aspect: the scares, the FEELS, the delight at Santa meeting the Doctor, and then the Christmas present to everyone, MORE of 12 and CLARA.  The episode is the favorite Christmas ep for one of us, even!  Plus, there's trivia, of course!  But no tangerine (seriously, can someone explain those to us??)!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast continues with its Series 8 review - and this time, we've got Kim & Sage from to help us!  They joined us to talk about "Deep Breath", so it made sense to us to have them back post-season.  They add their customary wit, charm and passion for Doctor Who to the pod, and the most fun type of chaos ensues!  We talk about their favorite moments and episodes (and LEAST favorites) as well as the big arcs for the Doctor & Clara in Series 8.  There's also an excellent Paul McGann impersonation from Kim, as she relates tales of interviewing and meeting him at LI Who.  Sage & Kim bring a lot of insight in their recap on HOF, and we're lucky to have them back to talk more WHO!  AND, it was recorded on Doctor Who Birthday #51, so that's an extra bonus!  Please join us for a boisterous and fun Doctor Who discussion!

Here's a link to HEADOVERFEELS.COM 

Note: there are some occasional dropouts due to a weak Skype connection, but I think I removed all of the dead air.

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Doctor Who Series 8 is history, but MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is not done talking about it yet!  Join John & Will as they dissect this season: how is Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor?  What did we think of Clara's arc this season?  How about Danny & Missy?  How did the show do at building these season-long arcs and what did we like and dislike about them?  Plus, our favorite episodes!  No Trivia this week, though. 

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Doctor Who Series 8 Finale time!  There's "Death in Heaven", and John & Will are back to break down the episode and talk about it!   Dive in to the 2 hours of discussion - we talk Doctor, Clara, Danny, Missy, Osgood, Kate, the Brig, the Cybermen, thematic arcs, annoying plot holes, sadness over fallen comrades, and so much more.  Plus, there's trivia, which includes one of my (Will) better pulls on a right answer (balanced by my forgetting the answer to a question John had previously asked).  We really enjoyed talking about this, and we hope you'll enjoy listening!!  

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It seems impossible, but we're already at the Series 8 finale for DOCTOR WHO: "Dark Water" is the first part of that story, and John & Will are back again to excitedly discuss it.  There's so much going on!  Danny... the Doctor & Clara off to find him...the dead are becoming Cybermen... and Missy reveals herself, finally!  AND, it's only PART ONE!  Come take a listen, won't you?  Thanks!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast returns to talk about "In the Forest of the Night", episode 10 of Series 8 of DOCTOR WHO.   Join John & Will as they discuss what worked and didn't in the "main" plot (and which one was delighted by it) as well as the latest chapter in the Danny-Clara saga (which someone is distinctly TIRED of).  Plus, there is discussion of the teaser for "Dark Water" and trivia, too!  Please listen!

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Doctor WHO?  Well, this week, it's DOCTOR CLARA on the MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast!  Join John & Will as they discuss "Flatline", written by Jamie Mathieson, episode 9 of 12 in Series 8 of DOCTOR WHO.  How did Clara do as the Doctor?  How does this fit in with her progression this season?  How cute is the tiny TARDIS?  Will Peter Capaldi have a 2nd career in an Addams Family reboot (Douglas Addams??)?  There's all this and lots more to talk about!  This is a terrific episode, and there's a lot to dig into.  And, as always, there's trivia!  Please listen!

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START THE CLOCK: We've got more than 66 seconds worth of discussion on the new Doctor Who episode "Mummy on the Orient Express" - did we enjoy this as a faithful replica of what an Agatha Christie story is?  What did we make of Perkins?  And, of course, discussion of Clara's about-face from her "wobble" - "Give me PLANETS"!  Plus, Trivia and some news!  Come have a listen, please? (BONUS: No allegorical discussion this week!)

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Clara reaches a breaking point with the Doctor in "Kill The Moon", and Mutter's Spiral is talking about it.  Check out the new episode.  There's trivia, too. 

Direct download: Mutters75_KillTheMoon.mp3
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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast returns to discuss "The Caretaker", episode 6 of Series 8 (or Series 34) of Doctor Who, written by Gareth Roberts & Steven Moffat.  It's the cataclysmic first meeting of the Doctor and Clara's new friend, Danny Pink, and Clara's in the middle.  So, there's a LOT to talk about this week - we have an interesting discussion with 2 very different viewpoints on this episode, the behaviors involved, and how it struck us.  It's the favorite episode of the series for one of us, and for the other, it was a journey from initial dislike to great enjoyment of the episode with some issues still.  Plus, news and trivia!  Please take care and listen! ;-)

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back, just in time for a HEIST!  A "Time Heist", in fact - join John & Will as they chat about the very entertaining 5th episode of Series 8 of Doctor Who.  Architects, Tellers, Memory Worms, Soup - it's all here! Plus, Will flails through a great trivia set like the 11th Doctor at the Pond Wedding - and some bonus questions and info from Will.  Have a listen, won't you?

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LISTEN to MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast 72, as John & Will return to talk about Steven Moffat's great new Doctor Who episode "LISTEN".  LISTEN to us discuss Moffat Loops, the scariness of uncertainty, and how Clara IS the Doctor in many ways, at least in this episode!  Plus, some good trivia, so won't you please LISTEN (if for no other reason than to STOP THE PUNS).  Plus, it's a really good episode.  

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Happiness & joy abound on this week's MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast, as we discuss Mark Gatiss's lovely (DRINK) take on the Robin Hood legend, "Robot of Sherwood". There's swashbuckling, Spoonfighting, banter, and lots of heart.  The Doctor's trying to figure out if he's a hero, and Robin Hood tries to help... as does the awesome Clara.  Jenna Coleman continues her run of fantastic performances in this episode.  Plus, there's trivia and news!  Please join us!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back to dive into "Into The Dalek", the 2nd episode of Series 8/The Capaldi Era.  John & Will embark on a Fantastic Voyage (sorrynotsorry) into "2nd Episode Syndrome", the teaching of Marcus Aurelius, the introduction of Danny Pink (and the "Coupling" episode that ensued) and just why this episode worked (John) or did NOT work (Will) for each of us.  Plus, TRIVIA!  Please listen!!

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PETER CAPALDI IS THE DOCTOR... and MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is here to talk about it, and, as a special treat (for us and for you), Sage & Kim from join us for a rollicking and fun (and LONG) show to discuss "DEEP BREATH", Series 8, Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, the Paternoster Gang and more!  Plus, Sage & Kim will relate their experiences at both the NYC premiere from 8/14 AND as part of the studio audience for the BBCA pre- and post-episode shows.  We'll all discuss how we got into Doctor Who fandom, and there's even a DOUBLE dose of TRIVIA - John has his usual brainteasers, and Sage also chimes in with 5 tough ones (she is a trivia quizmistress! A Quiz MISSY?).

This is one of my favorite podcasts that we've done.  Lots of great insight and opinions and perspectives.  

Please join us!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL PODCAST IS BACK! Yes, we took ANOTHER hiatus during this most recent fallow period, but... DOCTOR WHO, with Peter Capaldi taking over as the DOCTOR, returns on August 23!  AND, we're here to talk about the upcoming series and discuss goings-on, like the DW World Tour, episode titles, a new credit sequence, spoilers and just what IS a spoiler, and lots more!  

PLUS - TRIVIA (small batch this week - but includes a neat note linking a new show on US TV to Doctor Who and a specific and kilted companion).

Also - ALS challenge discussion (BARROWMAN!), lots of name dropping (Brannigan, Sage & Kim of Head Over Feels , Kelly aka The TV Mouse , Verity!, Hugo awards, etc).

Please join us! 

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast #67 - Favorite Episodes, Underrated Episodes and a SPECULATRON, too!

MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast returns with the first in a series of 50th Anniversary special episodes - we each pick a favorite episode from each of the 20th and 21st century Who and also an episode that we feel is underrated or underappreciated.  We also add in some Big Finish and Novel recommendations.

Firstly, though, we fire up the Speculatron to discuss the casting of Keeley Hawes in Doctor Who Series 8 and what that could mean, once we mix in some intriguingly Masterful comments from Sylvester McCoy over the weekend.

Plus, of course, TRIVIA!

Eps discussed: Caves of Androzani; Battlefield; Ribos Operation; Masque of Mandragora; Girl in the Fireplace; Father's Day; Fires of Pompeii; Midnight.


Direct download: Mutters67best_underrated.mp3
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