MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back with another preview of the 2019 edition of the Gallifrey One Convention - today focusing on the Academic Track - titled "Time Lord Timelines: An Academic Symposium"!  We're thrilled to be joined by Joy Piedmont and Paul Booth, who have organized a wide-ranging and interesting collection of topics and speakers.

We'll talk to Joy and Paul about how the Symposium came about (this is the 2nd edition), what types of subjects and topics they look for, and how they chose this year's presenters.  We'll then dive deep into the schedule and go over each presentation (including one that John is keenly interested in and had even thought of suggesting himself!) individually to get a bird's-eye view of what can be expected.

It's a terrific and interesting conversation with Joy & Paul that really gives the full rundown on what to expect.  Please have a listen!

Schedule and description of topics for the Symposium here

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It is indeed the MOST WONDERFUL TIME... OF THE YEAR!  That's right, the annual Gallifrey One Convention, the world's largest (and best) Doctor Who Convention is just around the corner, and MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast will be previewing the convention in full this week!  It's the 30th edition of the con; it's John's 15th and my 13th (and the podcast's 9th!); and it looks to be another corker of a weekend! 

We'll talk all about the great guests (Including CATHERINE TATE, PEARL MACKIE, JOHN BARROWMAN, COLIN BAKER, and many more!), the fantastic fan panels (including the 2 John will be on), and of course the many other amazing highlights to come (THIS or THAT, FAN VIDEO HAPPY HOUR, IN DEFENSE OF, the ACADEMIC TRACK, and so much else).  

It's our annual deep dive into and through the schedule.  We're super excited for Gally, and we hope to give listeners a taste of what's to come this year!  Also,  John finds out what game, featured in a panel at this year's Gally, that I've NEVER played, which stuns him while i promise to maybe, perhaps, possibly try to participate in one of the other great games.  So, it's chock full of Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey Stuff!

We will also be doing 2 more previews of Gally: one with Joy Piedmont and Paul Booth, focused on the "Time Lord Timelines: An Academic Symposium", the Academic Track that they've put together (dropping Thursday); and one with our great friends Kim Rogers and Sage Young of for next week that'll discuss in detail THIS or THAT, FAN VIDEO HAPPY HOUR, the FanFic panel, the Doctor Who/Musicals crossover panel and more.


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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast returns with our review of Series 11 of Doctor Who - we talk about the highs and the lows; our expectations before the series vs. our feelings now; and where we hope to go into the future.  We also have some news as well as detailing our plans for the podcast in 2019 (and, shockingly, it involves actually podcasting regularly).  Please have a listen!

Next up - our previews of Gallifrey One 30 will start dropping, as the convention is just over a month away!

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Happy New Year from MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast!  And there's no better way to start 2019 than with a smashing new Doctor Who episode - "Resolution" (written by Chris Chibnall & directed by Wayne Yip)!  John and I talk all about this reintroduction of the Doctor's oldest and most deadly (and famous) foes (or a singular foe, in this case).  We will go in depth on this story as well as discussing where the show is now that we are one full year into the Chibnall/Jodie era (and as we head into a LONG break between stories).  We'll talk about the Ryan/Aaron resolution (see what we did there) as well as talking about all of the various "Chekhov's ______" from this episode (Kate Stewart, where are you?).  Plus, there's trivia and even some New Year's Resolutions!  Please have a listen!

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