It's DOCTOR WHO Series 11 finale time, and MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast has returned to discuss "The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos.  John and I explain how we felt about the episode and how it encapsulates the entire series.  There's some good, but also some elements that disappoint and frustrate us. 

We talk about this new iteration of the show and how it has certainly satisfied some viewers while leaving others, like us, feeling slightly (John) or even moreso (me) let down.  We extol the great cast while lamenting the less stellar writing and direction.  We dive into it all.

Plus, there's trivia and news (about the show's future and how the podcast will handle ANOTHER huge hiatus between series coming up).  Please have a listen!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast travels to Norway (not literally) to talk about "It Takes You Away" (written by Ed Hime, Directed by Jamie Childs), the 9th episode of Series 11 (37) of DOCTOR WHO.  It's perhaps my least favorite episode of the season (along with "Kerblam!"), and while John liked it more, he still had some issues with various story elements.  We'll dive into all of those, as well as talking about things that did work or interesting ideas that were presented.  We'll also discuss my feelings of fatigue and frustration as the series has progressed and as we move towards the last episode of this run. 

Of course, there's also trivia, including a classic Who question that I'm ashamed to say I totally choked on.  So there's that to look forward to!  Please have a listen!  Thanks!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back to talk about "The Witchfinders", written by Joy Wilkinson and directed by Sallie Aprahamian, the 8th episode of Series 11.  Join John and I as we talk about this trip back to Jacobean times - what we liked about the story (many things - writing, acting, direction, pretty much everything) and what didn't work as well (not a whole lot).  It's an episode that I've grown more fond of with each viewing, and John was in at the start - so we have a good discussion about an episode that was a highlight of the season for us both.  Plus, we'll talk news, and there's trivia, OF COURSE!  Please have a listen!  

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KERBLAM! ... is the name of the 7th episode of the 11th Series of Doctor Who - written by Pete McTighe and directed by Jennifer Perrott, and it's the subject of this week's podcast.  John and I will discuss how we felt about this story (both a bit Meh) and where it dropped the ball, in our eyes.  We'll also evaluate our ever-evolving feelings about this series.  And, of course, there's trivia!  Please have a listen!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back (a few days late this week, our apologies) to talk about "Demons of the Punjab" (written by Vinay Patel and directed by Jamie Childs), the sad and affecting 6th episode of Series 11 of DOCTOR WHO.  We'll talk about what worked (Lots, it's a beautiful hour of television) and what didn't work (we did have some issues, though, especially concerning the Doctor) for us in the episode.  Plus, we'll speculate about the rest of the Series, including the finale; talk news (New Year's Day!) and ratings; and of course, there's trivia!  Please have a listen!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back to talk about the solution to "The Tsuranga Conundrum", episode 5 of Series 11 of DOCTOR WHO, written by Chris Chibnall and directed by Jennifer Perrott.  We discuss what worked really well for both of us as well as what might not have hit the mark.  We'll look at where things may be going, given that we're now at the halfway point of the series.  As always, we'll have trivia, ratings, and lots of other PTINGS!  Please have a listen!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL is crawling back into your eardrums to discuss "Arachnids In The U.K." (Written by Chris Chibnall, directed by Sallie Aprahamian) the 4th episode of Series 11 of DOCTOR WHO.  We'll talk all about those spiders, Chris Noth's all-too-recognizable evil American tycoon, and TEAM TARDIS!  We'll discuss what worked for us, as well as talking about the loose ends, left dangling like so many spider legs.  We'll also have TRIVIA and news, so please have a listen!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back to talk about "Rosa", the amazing 3rd episode of Series 11 of Doctor Who, written by Malorie Blackman and Chris Chibnall and directed by Mark Tonderai.  The episode is really well-done, and John and I discuss it in detail.  We'll also talk about the ongoing mysteries of Series 11, how we feel about this TARDIS team, and more.  Plus, there's trivia and ratings news.  Please have a listen!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast 160 talks about "The Ghost Monument", episode 2 of Series 11 of DOCTOR WHO, written by Chris Chibnall and directed by Mark Tonderai.  We'll talk about what we liked, loved, and were less thrilled with by the episode, plus, just what is The Ghost Monument?  We'll talk about the team, and how we are enjoying this "stronger together" theme to the new season.  We also realize that CHIBNALL LIES, and that's ok, since surprises are good!  We will also talk ratings and do some trivia, of course!  Please have a listen!

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The DOCTOR Is back; Jodie Whittaker IS THE DOCTOR; and Mutter's Spiral Podcast is here to talk all about her debut episode, "The Woman Who Fell To Earth", the start of the Chris Chibnall-as-showrunner era.  John and I discuss what we thought of the episode and the new Doctor; how it compares to other Doctoral debuts; how we found all of the changes to the show, both on-screen and off-; and what worked best and less well for us.  We both really enjoyed the episode and our chat about it, and we hope that transmits to you, dear listeners!  OF COURSE, there's TRIVIA (John came up with some terrific questions) and a whole lot of excitement and joy at having our new DOCTOR and our favorite show back on our screens.  Please have a listen!

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DOCTOR WHO is almost back, so MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back to excitedly preview it!  John and I dust off our little-used microphones to do a short preview of Series 11 and the beginning of the JODIE WHITTAKER era as the 13th Doctor and of the Chris Chibnall era of DOCTOR WHO!  We'll discuss what we know about the new series and what we're hoping for.  We're both very excited and can't wait for the DOCTOR to arrive on Sunday!  Plus, there are some Sheffield-centered trivia questions, one from each of us!  Please have a listen!  THE DOCTOR IS ALMOST HERE!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast has awakened from its offseason slumber to discuss the Steven Moffat Era of DOCTOR WHO!  We talk all things Moffat - what we think of when we think of his stories; what's his legacy likely to be; and just exactly where does he stand all time in the Doctor Who Pantheon (Panopticon?).  He's the most prolific writer in Doctor Who history, and we'll discuss whether we rate him at the very top, or just near it.

We'll also touch briefly on the leaking of footage of Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor (that's early on, and we stay un-spoilery), the naming of Segun Akinola as the new Composer, and the airing of classic Doctor Who episodes on Twitch.

We hope you enjoy it!  And THANK YOU, STEVEN MOFFAT!

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MUTTER’S SPIRAL Podcast is back, and we are FINALLY finishing our discussion of the PETER CAPALDI Era of Doctor Who!  Part 1 was back in episode 151, and after a short hiatus, we will wrap up our dive into Capaldi.  We'll talk about where we feel he ranks in the pantheon of Doctors; how his seasons stack up against others in the modern era; and go in detail about companions, other favorite stories, and anything else we can think of!  John especially has some really eloquent points that he makes about the Capaldi era, so that's worth a listen right there!

We also give a wrap up of the #WhoAgainstGuns campaign and talk about the Target Novelizations that have just been released in the UK and on Kindle, although the physical US release isn't until June.

We hope you enjoy it!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back, and we're talking about our involvement in #WhoAgainstGuns: .  We're very honored to be taking part in raising money to help combat the epidemic of gun violence. 

For a donation of $10, you will get a link to a podcast commentary of the classic Doctor Who story "The War Games" done by over 40 Doctor Who writers, podcasters, and fans.  As if that's not enough, STEVEN MOFFAT and PHILIP HINCHCLIFFE have also recorded commentaries on episodes !  If you donate at higher levels ($25 and $50 or more), you'll be eligible to win giveaways of SO MUCH AMAZING Doctor Who swag!  Full details at the site above, please check it out, if you haven't already!

On this podcast, we'll discuss the episodes we did and what the recording was like, including the other amazing people on our sessions, as well as give some more details on the project.

Donations will be accepted through the end of March, so please go to the site above to learn more and donate to a GREAT cause and give yourself the opportunity to enjoy some GREAT Doctor Who content!

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John and I are proud to be a part of the #WhoAgainstGuns project, put together by many in the Whovian community in response to the horrific shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and the epidemic of mass shootings and gun violence in the United States.  Attached is a 2 minute recording describing the project.  For more information, please go to :

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It's a few days late, but MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back to wrap up the final day of 2018's edition of the amazing Gallifrey One convention.  It was a day that transcended, due to an amazing panel called "Gallifrey Waits No More" featuring all of the ladies of Doctor Who (in front and behind the camera) at the convention (and moderated by the amazing Deb Stanish) that turned into a cathartic and harrowingly real and emotional session.  We talk about that and our reactions on this podcast (and we'll go in more detail on this and Gally in general with guests in the weeks to come).  Also, we talk about Alyssa Franke's heartfelt recap of the panel, and there's a link here to that post: Whovian Feminism on GWNM.  

We'll also talk about the great Kaffeeklatsch with Rachel Talalay and Sarah Dollard that we were fortunate enough to attend; Will's meet-and-greet with Jemma Redgrave; and all of the rest of the Sunday goings-on.

Please have a listen!  

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A very rusty Will and John check in from Sunday Morning at GallifreyOne. We talk about the highlights from Saturday, including "This or That" with Jemma Redgrave, Camille Coduri and Sage and Kim from Head Over Feels," Moffat commentaries, RealityBomb live recording, panels, the miracle moderator that is Deb Stanish and much much more. Listen, won't you? 

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Will and John check in late Friday night from GallifreyOne, North America's premier Doctor Who convention. Special guests Morgan Danger and Susan Stanton join us as we talk about our Friday highlights, including Moffat, Cornell, Talalay, Redgrave, panels and more! Listen, won't you? 

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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year on the MUTTER’S SPIRAL Podcast!  We have our great friends Kim Rogers & Sage Young of back with us for our Annual PREVIEW of GALLIFREY ONE, the amazing DOCTOR WHO convention upcoming this Feb. 15-18 in Los Angeles!  Gally looks to be EXTRA amazing this year with special guests headlined by STEVEN MOFFAT as well as SO MANY more actors, writers, directors, and more, plus great panels with brilliant fans of every description!

One of the MOST exciting parts will be Sage and Kim bringing their "This or That" panel to the main stage at Gally with guests Jemma Redgrave & Camille Coduri!  We'll talk about how this came about along with their curation of a FAN VIDEO HAPPY HOUR at Gally, also.  Plus, we'll talk about their other panels, John's panels, and all of the OTHER panels and podcasts and symposiums that we are so excited to see!  

It's a family reunion weekend for all of us, and that sense of community is what keeps bringing us back every year (well, sure, the amazing guests and programming help, too!).  As Sage said on the podcast, this podcast is always a favorite for all of us, because it means GALLY is ALMOST HERE!  

We cover what to look for if it's your first time at Gally, what panels we are anticipating most, and hopefully many other helpful tips for first-timers and veterans alike!  We hope you enjoy it!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back, and we've got a double shot of guests this week - the Sisterhood of Burt!  Our friend and great guest Kayti Burt returns, and she's not alone - her sister Jen joins us as well!  We will talk all about the idea of fan entitlement, especially as it relates to changing narratives in fandom.  We'll talk Doctor Who, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Twin Peaks, X-Files, and other properties, so it's a wide-ranging conversation this week!  We will first get their Doctor Who origin stories and find out their favorite stories of the Capaldi Era.  We also get into Gallifrey One briefly, as the upcoming convention is their first.  Also, I'll do a ribbon reveal, as the ribbons that John and I ordered happened to arrive right as recording started.  

It's an entertaining and thoughtful discussion, and Jen & Kayti are great and fun guests!  Twitter information for them: For Kayti, it's @KaytiBurt and for Jen, it's @ourownstrings .  You can get a link to their brand new podcast from their twitter feeds, too!

We hope you enjoy this podcast!

BTW, Capaldi Era pt 2 coming soon, as well as our annual GALLIFREY ONE preview podcast!


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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back, and we are talking about the PETER CAPALDI Era of Doctor Who!  It's the first part of our deep dive into the time when the Doctor was him.  On this week's episode, we do a broad overview, then we dive into ranking his 3 seasons and why (John does a good job of changing my mind in the process).  We then give our own personal top 5 episodes (or 6 in my case, plus, i cheat again and intentionally don't list what i think is the best, just because I know John will pick it, too).  It's 90 minutes of Talkin' Who!  

Next week, we'll dive into some other favorite episodes, missed opportunities, favorite characters and monsters, and anything else we can think of!  

We had a lot of fun recording this and discussing the greatness that is Peter Capaldi and the awesomeness of his Doctor.  We hope you enjoy it!

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Happy New Year!  MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back for its 150th episode, a discussion of the DOCTOR WHO Series 6 (32) episode, "The God Complex", written by Toby Whithouse and directed by Nick Hurran.  We missed this episode on its original airing, during one of our (many) hiatus... hiatuses... hiati?, and it dovetails nicely with #148 on "The Horns of Nimon", so it gets that coveted spot as the sesquicentennial podcast!

"God Complex" is an intriguing mix of creepy mystery/horror combined with a philosophical examining of our core faith/beliefs (be it in religion or other outside forces, or, in the case of Amy, the Doctor himself).  It features a Minotaur at the center of a maze, but a very different one from classic Greek Mythology (or even "Nimon", which is namechecked in this story, thus the idea to link this with "Horns of Nimon").  

We dive deep in the story and its various elements, discussing what worked and what could have been fleshed out more.  We talk about the excellent guest cast, the denouement with the Doctor saying goodbye (apparently) to Amy & Rory, and even discussion about what the Doctor saw, which was a mystery at the time, but is actually revealed in the episode in a very clever way (and ultimately very clearly revealed in "The Time of the Doctor").

John has some great trivia as well, which is such a key part of our podcast!  It's a really fun discussion that we hope you'll enjoy!

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