MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back, and we're talking about the emotional farewell to Peter Capaldi, the end of the Steven Moffat Era, "Twice Upon A Time"!  This team up of the 12th and 1st Doctors, set in frozen time just before their regenerations, was a heartfelt and moving journey which made for a fitting denouement to Peter's time as the Doctor as well as a great distillation of the last six seasons of Doctor Who under the leadership of Steven.  

We will dive deep into the episode talking in great depth (we DO like to talk) about what we loved (there were many things) and even one or two parts that didn't work quite as well.  The story was rich with emotion, and we felt all of that and more.  It was a really fun conversation about what we both love about Doctor Who and this team that has brought so much joy to us. 

We'll also excitedly look forward to the NEW DOCTOR, Jodie Whittaker, as we discuss her brief but BRILLIANT first appearance.  We both cannot wait until we see her first episode in full as the Doctor! 

John came up with some great trivia, of course, so there's that to look forward to as well!  Please join us as we wax rhapsodic about this wonderful story. 

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back, and we're discussing the CLASSIC story from the Tom Baker era, "The Horns of Nimon"!  Now, Nimon isn't in a class with the very best Baker stories (Genesis of the Daleks, City of Death, Deadly Assassin, Ark in Space), but it's one that likely made an indelible impression if you've ever seen it.  It takes a classic story from Greek Mythology; puts a Whovian Sci-Fi spin on it; yet really and truly shows the limitations of classic Who and how sometimes, things JUST.  DON'T.  WORK.  From a truly dodgy envisioning of the Nimon to middling pacing to spectacularly over-the-top performances - both Graham Crowden (who was almost the 4th Doctor!) as Soldeed and Malcolm Terris as the Co-Pilot are chewing scenery by the mouthful, Nimon shows how a Who story can fail, yet still be glorious, campy fun, if you're in the right mood.  John and I will discuss all of this and more.  If it's a story you've seen, you can nod and laugh along with us (hopefully).  If you have NOT seen it, maybe we'll convince you to give it a try!  

Plus, Nimon-related trivia and some news!  Have a listen, won't you?  Happy Holidays!

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