MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back with a final wrap-up of LI Who 5 as well as some news about the upcoming Gallifrey One 29 and the new guest announcements for it (MOFFAT and MURRAY GOLD!) .  It's a quick chat talking about those topics as well as some squeeing about the teaser for TWICE UPON A TIME that was shown during the Children in Need special in the UK this past week!

We'll be off next week and back the week after with a new pod--- NO, REALLY, I MEAN IT, WE WILL DO ONE .. -cast, likely focusing on a classic Series story and the modern one that featured the same Aliens, from a story we missed first time around.

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A sleep-deprived and gravely-voiced John, flying solo, checks in with a mini-podcast from the Monday morning after LI Who. He talks about the panels and events from Sunday. We'll be with you soon with an overview of the weekend's activities as we gear up for the upcoming Christmas special. 

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Join Will and John as they check in from Saturday night at LI Who. Ingrid Oliver, Frazier Hines, getting "Stanished," the catharsis of Head Over Feels fanvid "Happy Hour," and winning the 100k Pyramid from The End of the Earth. Who won? Who lost? Who tells our story? Only one way to find out. 

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Join Will and John as they check in from their Friday night of Long Island Who. They walk and talk West Wing style and talk about the panel Ingrid Oliver has called "the best panel she's ever been on." 

We also discuss Doctor 13's recently revealed costume and the shot from the next series' filming. 


Listen won't you? 

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back, and we're previewing the upcoming Long Island Who 5 convention, taking place this weekend in Islip, New York!  We'll look back at last year (our first LI Who) and then dive into what we're most anticipating about this year's edition - guests (McCoy!  Hussein!  Ward!  Manning!  Oliver!  Hines!) and seeing our Doctor Who family, plus all those fun game shows and panels!  We will also discuss some news, but there's no trivia this week.

We'll be doing mini-podcasts from the convention this coming weekend, so look for those as well!  

Take a listen, won't you?  Thanks!

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