MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is excited to have Kayti Burt, Associate Editor of Den of Geek, join us to discuss her time at this year's San Diego Comic Con!  2017 SDCC featured a great Doctor Who panel with Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, Matt Lucas, Michelle Gomez, Mark Gatiss, and, of course, head writer and showrunner Steven Moffat. They discussed the upcoming Christmas special "Twice Upon a Time" as well as the end of their era of Doctor Who.  Kayti was at the panel AND did press interviews with everyone, so we're thrilled to have her back to share her experiences!  

We'll also talk about the Britbox Classic Doctor Who panel with Colin Baker, Sophie Aldred, and Peter Davison, all of whom she interviewed, and the controversial remarks from Mr. Davison about the naming of the new Doctor, Jodie Whittaker.

Kayti will share her thoughts about Jodie Whittaker's taking over the reins of WHO, plus we'll talk about some of other shows she covered at SDCC, including Outlander, The Expanse, and BIG FAVORITE of both John and me, WYNONNA EARP.

It's a really fun and informative interview, and we hope you enjoy it!

This episode sadly starts on a more somber note, as we note the passing of two important members of the Whovian family - Deborah Watling, who delighted us all as Victoria Waterfield, companion to Second Doctor, and Trevor Baxter, Professor George Litefoot of "The Talons of Weng-Chiang" as well as the highly successful audio series  "Jago & Litefoot" for Big Finish.

We'll have additional tributes to Ms. Watling over the next two weeks, as we will be both reposting our review of "Tomb of the Cybermen", one of her most famous stories, as well as posting a new review of "Web of Fear".

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It's a double shot of DOCTOR WHO discussion this week on the MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast!  We have our great friends Kim Rogers & Sage Young of back with us to discuss their thoughts on Series 10 of DOCTOR WHO - they liked a lot (Sarah Dollard, Rona Munro, Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, Michelle Gomez), but they were also really disappointed with how the character of Bill was handled and treated.  They pull no punches in their critique, which is great - their love for the show and for Bill is evident in their high expectations and honest appraisal of how it all went.  

BUT, before the series 10 recap, we jump FORWARD in time to discuss the naming of JODIE WHITTAKER as the 13th Doctor with KIM (flying solo this time) - we get her reactions and thoughts on how Jodie will do, plus Kim gives a great and impassioned exhortation about the need for more women of color in the Whoniverse as well as her dream for DOCTOR WHO to be an incubator of new and diverse talent, both on screen and off.

SO - it's 36 minutes with Kim on Jodie Whittaker followed by an hour of Kim & Sage on Series 10 - a double-header of WHO content this week!

NOTES: This episode has some EXPLICIT language, so be warned. :)  That "E" is there for a reason this week!  

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JODIE WHITTAKER is the 13th DOCTOR!  This exciting news was announced this past Sunday by the BBC, and we're back on this episode of MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast to discuss, expound, and squee joyfully about it!  We talk about our reaction, including our joyous shock that the exciting choice was made - to select a staggeringly talented young FEMALE actor to take over the iconic role.  We'll talk about Jodie's CV, our experience with her work, and also how much of the Steven Moffat era led to this momentous choice.  Please have a listen!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back with its review of Series 10 of DOCTOR WHO!  We'll talk all about what we loved (Capaldi, Pearl, Michelle Gomez, Sarah Dollard, Rona Munro) in Series 10 as well as what we did NOT care for (THE MONKS, the BBC publicity department who spoiled John Simm's return).  We'll dive into our favorite episodes and moments while also talking about those that left us wanting.  We'll also talk a bit about expectations for the Christmas special.  Please have a listen!

NOTE: This was recorded BEFORE ep 137 that was posted on Monday.

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is STILL talking about "The Doctor Falls", and this time we've got our friend Kathleen Schowalter joining us to offer her insights and viewpoints!  

We loved talking Who with Kathleen in her first appearance on the podcast, so this seemed like a great time to have her back on, in the wake of the finale.  She brings up some areas of discussion that John and I didn't go over (or just missed) in our recap, and her intelligence and perspective is a great catalyst for conversation!  We really enjoyed making this episode, and it should be a fun and thought-provoking experience for you, dear listener!  So, please check it out!!

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Well, that was quite a finale, wasn't it?  MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast will talk all about the epic "The Doctor Falls", written by Steven Moffat, directed by Rachel Talalay, and of course starring the glorious cast of Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, Matt Lucas, Michelle Gomez, and John Simm, on this week's episode.  We'll discuss what we loved, liked and didn't care for in the story while talking about how it fit in the season as a whole as well as the entire Moffat canon.  We will gush a lot (as we do), but we'll also discuss some of the more problematic elements.  Of course, there's also trivia!  

Please have a listen!

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