MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back, and we're talking about the emotional farewell to Peter Capaldi, the end of the Steven Moffat Era, "Twice Upon A Time"!  This team up of the 12th and 1st Doctors, set in frozen time just before their regenerations, was a heartfelt and moving journey which made for a fitting denouement to Peter's time as the Doctor as well as a great distillation of the last six seasons of Doctor Who under the leadership of Steven.  

We will dive deep into the episode talking in great depth (we DO like to talk) about what we loved (there were many things) and even one or two parts that didn't work quite as well.  The story was rich with emotion, and we felt all of that and more.  It was a really fun conversation about what we both love about Doctor Who and this team that has brought so much joy to us. 

We'll also excitedly look forward to the NEW DOCTOR, Jodie Whittaker, as we discuss her brief but BRILLIANT first appearance.  We both cannot wait until we see her first episode in full as the Doctor! 

John came up with some great trivia, of course, so there's that to look forward to as well!  Please join us as we wax rhapsodic about this wonderful story. 

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back, and we're discussing the CLASSIC story from the Tom Baker era, "The Horns of Nimon"!  Now, Nimon isn't in a class with the very best Baker stories (Genesis of the Daleks, City of Death, Deadly Assassin, Ark in Space), but it's one that likely made an indelible impression if you've ever seen it.  It takes a classic story from Greek Mythology; puts a Whovian Sci-Fi spin on it; yet really and truly shows the limitations of classic Who and how sometimes, things JUST.  DON'T.  WORK.  From a truly dodgy envisioning of the Nimon to middling pacing to spectacularly over-the-top performances - both Graham Crowden (who was almost the 4th Doctor!) as Soldeed and Malcolm Terris as the Co-Pilot are chewing scenery by the mouthful, Nimon shows how a Who story can fail, yet still be glorious, campy fun, if you're in the right mood.  John and I will discuss all of this and more.  If it's a story you've seen, you can nod and laugh along with us (hopefully).  If you have NOT seen it, maybe we'll convince you to give it a try!  

Plus, Nimon-related trivia and some news!  Have a listen, won't you?  Happy Holidays!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back with a final wrap-up of LI Who 5 as well as some news about the upcoming Gallifrey One 29 and the new guest announcements for it (MOFFAT and MURRAY GOLD!) .  It's a quick chat talking about those topics as well as some squeeing about the teaser for TWICE UPON A TIME that was shown during the Children in Need special in the UK this past week!

We'll be off next week and back the week after with a new pod--- NO, REALLY, I MEAN IT, WE WILL DO ONE .. -cast, likely focusing on a classic Series story and the modern one that featured the same Aliens, from a story we missed first time around.

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A sleep-deprived and gravely-voiced John, flying solo, checks in with a mini-podcast from the Monday morning after LI Who. He talks about the panels and events from Sunday. We'll be with you soon with an overview of the weekend's activities as we gear up for the upcoming Christmas special. 

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Join Will and John as they check in from Saturday night at LI Who. Ingrid Oliver, Frazier Hines, getting "Stanished," the catharsis of Head Over Feels fanvid "Happy Hour," and winning the 100k Pyramid from The End of the Earth. Who won? Who lost? Who tells our story? Only one way to find out. 

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Join Will and John as they check in from their Friday night of Long Island Who. They walk and talk West Wing style and talk about the panel Ingrid Oliver has called "the best panel she's ever been on." 

We also discuss Doctor 13's recently revealed costume and the shot from the next series' filming. 


Listen won't you? 

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back, and we're previewing the upcoming Long Island Who 5 convention, taking place this weekend in Islip, New York!  We'll look back at last year (our first LI Who) and then dive into what we're most anticipating about this year's edition - guests (McCoy!  Hussein!  Ward!  Manning!  Oliver!  Hines!) and seeing our Doctor Who family, plus all those fun game shows and panels!  We will also discuss some news, but there's no trivia this week.

We'll be doing mini-podcasts from the convention this coming weekend, so look for those as well!  

Take a listen, won't you?  Thanks!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is BACK!  After a 3 month hiatus, John and I are back to discuss the announcement of the new "TARDIS Team" - NOT COMPANIONS, MIND YOU - made by the BBC earlier this month.  We'll discuss what we know about each of the actors joining the cast, either in full-time roles (Bradley Walsh, Mandip Gill, Tosin Cole) or in a 'returning' role (Sharon D. Clarke).  We'll talk about the notable absence of the word "companion" from the press release and speculate on what this might mean (if anything).

We'll also discuss our recent guest appearance on the GALLIFREY PUBLIC RADIO podcast to discuss the Pertwee classic "The Time Monster" and also preview upcoming podcasts, mostly focusing on the upcoming LI Who 5 convention.

We are excited to be back, so won't you please join us?  Thanks!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is excited to have Kayti Burt, Associate Editor of Den of Geek, join us to discuss her time at this year's San Diego Comic Con!  2017 SDCC featured a great Doctor Who panel with Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, Matt Lucas, Michelle Gomez, Mark Gatiss, and, of course, head writer and showrunner Steven Moffat. They discussed the upcoming Christmas special "Twice Upon a Time" as well as the end of their era of Doctor Who.  Kayti was at the panel AND did press interviews with everyone, so we're thrilled to have her back to share her experiences!  

We'll also talk about the Britbox Classic Doctor Who panel with Colin Baker, Sophie Aldred, and Peter Davison, all of whom she interviewed, and the controversial remarks from Mr. Davison about the naming of the new Doctor, Jodie Whittaker.

Kayti will share her thoughts about Jodie Whittaker's taking over the reins of WHO, plus we'll talk about some of other shows she covered at SDCC, including Outlander, The Expanse, and BIG FAVORITE of both John and me, WYNONNA EARP.

It's a really fun and informative interview, and we hope you enjoy it!

This episode sadly starts on a more somber note, as we note the passing of two important members of the Whovian family - Deborah Watling, who delighted us all as Victoria Waterfield, companion to Second Doctor, and Trevor Baxter, Professor George Litefoot of "The Talons of Weng-Chiang" as well as the highly successful audio series  "Jago & Litefoot" for Big Finish.

We'll have additional tributes to Ms. Watling over the next two weeks, as we will be both reposting our review of "Tomb of the Cybermen", one of her most famous stories, as well as posting a new review of "Web of Fear".

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It's a double shot of DOCTOR WHO discussion this week on the MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast!  We have our great friends Kim Rogers & Sage Young of back with us to discuss their thoughts on Series 10 of DOCTOR WHO - they liked a lot (Sarah Dollard, Rona Munro, Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, Michelle Gomez), but they were also really disappointed with how the character of Bill was handled and treated.  They pull no punches in their critique, which is great - their love for the show and for Bill is evident in their high expectations and honest appraisal of how it all went.  

BUT, before the series 10 recap, we jump FORWARD in time to discuss the naming of JODIE WHITTAKER as the 13th Doctor with KIM (flying solo this time) - we get her reactions and thoughts on how Jodie will do, plus Kim gives a great and impassioned exhortation about the need for more women of color in the Whoniverse as well as her dream for DOCTOR WHO to be an incubator of new and diverse talent, both on screen and off.

SO - it's 36 minutes with Kim on Jodie Whittaker followed by an hour of Kim & Sage on Series 10 - a double-header of WHO content this week!

NOTES: This episode has some EXPLICIT language, so be warned. :)  That "E" is there for a reason this week!  

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