The DOCTOR is finally back!  "The Return of Doctor Mysterio" brings the Doctor back after a one-year absence, and John and I are itching to talk about it!  How did we find this year's special?  How did this story fit in with the Doctor's recent, sadder history?  Is he still reeling from the final night with River?  And Nardole is with him?  What did we think of Grant/Ghost & Lucy?  Take a listen and find out!

Also, we'll discuss the final episode of "Power of the Daleks"!  How did the story wrap up?  Was it even darker than we expected?  This story made each of us re-evaluate the Daleks; take a listen to find out how our perspectives have changed over the quintessential Doctor Who villains/monsters!

Plus, FINALLY, TRIVIA RETURNS!  We had a blast recording this, and we hope you enjoy bending your ear our way!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back to talk about "Power of the Daleks" episode 5!  Plans are in motion, the final confrontation is near, and John and I discuss the goings-on and our impressions!  We also briefly discuss John's appearance on the "In Defense Of..." podcast, and we excitedly prepare for the return of the TWELFTH Doctor next week!  It's the calm before the Oncoming Storm, so grab a mug of cider or eggnog or a plate of cookies and have a listen, won't you?  

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The tension is mounting in "Power of the Daleks", and MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back to break it down for you!  The pieces are falling into place, and we can see things getting worse and worse for the Doctor, Ben & Polly!  John and I discuss the ratcheting dread, as well as showing our appreciation for the great script and performances (and animation).  We're really enjoying this weekly trek through this classic WHO story!

Plus, there's a new Sherlock trailer, and we discuss that as well as the entirety of the upcoming Series 4.  We discuss story titles, their corresponding stories from the Holmes canon, and just what we might possibly see in the new season!  


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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast returns to continue with our recap of "Power of the Daleks"; this week, we tackle episode 3.  Pieces are starting to fit into place, and we are seeing just what is going on in the colony on Vulcan.  We discuss all of that, and we add our overall impressions.

Also, I (Will) have embarked on a full new Series rewatch, including Doctor Who Confidentials.  I'll talk about my early impressions from this rewatch (I'm through "Dalek"). 

Bite-sized episode (for us) this week, as we know everyone's trying to watch what they eat over the holidays!  Come join us! 

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