MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back with a new episode, and we've got our favorites, Kim & Sage from with us!  They'll give us the behind-the-scenes scoop of their phenomenal "This or That" panel with Paul McGann from Long Island Who 4, as well as sharing their feelings about the convention as a whole.  We always love having them on, and this one is especially great (IMHO).  It's delightful!

Before we get to Sage & Kim, though, John and I will discuss "Power of the Daleks" episode 2.  We'll discuss our thoughts on the episode itself, while also debating pros and cons of the "old school" one episode a week with cliffhangers, slower pacing, etc format.  Plus, how is the story matching up with our expectations so far?  We talk about all of that.

It's a podcast full of fun and chat, and we'd love for you to take a listen!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is fully BACK!  We broke from our long offseason's nap with Podcasts from Long Island Who 4, and now we are back with a full episode!  

We are diving into a weekly recap/analysis of the newly released animated version of POWER OF THE DALEKS, starting, of course, with episode 1 this week!  How do we feel seeing this classic story finally get to our ears and eyes?  Listen and find out!

We also do a wrap up of our fantastic weekend at LI Who 4, some of our favorite things as well as how we feel now that we're a week removed.

Plus, we will discuss the extended trailer for "The Return of Doctor Mysterio", the upcoming Christmas Special, that was shown as part of Children in Need 2016.

We're excited to be back weekly, as we've got POWER leading into the Christmas special, then SHERLOCK series 4.   

Please take a listen!

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In what's becoming a bit of a tradition, John sits down with the incredible Deb Stanish, of the award winning Verity! Doctor Who podcast (among other places and credits) to discuss her high points from the weekend and compare LI Who with GallifreyOne. Give it a listen, won't you?

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Will and John recap their fantastic Saturday at Long Island Who. Dance parties. Celebrity encounters! Games! And all the feels! Give us a listen, won't you?

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Join Will and John as they review their incredibly long Saturday at the fantastic Long Island Who convention in New York State. Paul McGann! Head Over Feels' Sage and Kim! Peter Davison! Sophie Aldred and her amazingly soothing voice and presence! Beautifully grumpy Peter Purves! And a surprise? Join us, won't you?  

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Will and John return as we preview our weekend at LIWho 4, in Islip, New York. What shenanigans are in store? Only one way to find out! Give us a listen, won't you? 

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