It's late on Sunday night at GallifreyOne and John is joined by Deborah Stanish of the Verity! podcast to talk about her experiences at GallifreyOne. Did we solve the problem of the overhead airplanes? Did we mask the noise of the people in the halls? Find out now! 

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John talks with special guest Shannon Dohar about her impressions of GallifreyOne. The guest from the Sisterhood of Karn was Clare Higgens.

Did we overcome sobriety? Did we take the sound of airplanes taking off from LAX? Only one way to find out! 

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Slightly hoarse and bedraggled, Will and John recap some of the highlights from GallifreyOne, including meeting Sir John Hurt and panels with Deborah Stanish, Chip from Two Minute Time Lord, and Sage and Kim from Head Over Feels. Stay tuned for more from #gally1 

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John talks with Rachel of the HockeyFeels podcast and friend of the show Susan about their experiences from Friday, Day One of GallifreyOne, North America's premier Doctor Who convention. 

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Will and John are together again on Friday morning at GallyOne. We preview what we're looking forward to today and get pod-bombed. Stay tuned for more throughout the weekend.

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John checks in from the road to GallifreyOne. And then uploads it from a convenient rest stop. 

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John says hello right before he takes off to brave the California highways on the road to GallifreyOne. Send in questions on Twitter @mutterspiral or @yosemiteforest 

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GALLY 2016 is here and MUTTER'S SPIRAL is here to enjoy!  We will be putting up Podcasts all weekend, and we hope you listen and have fun and get a chance to experience what the convention is like!  WY

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It's the most wonderful time.... of the year.... GALLY TIME!  THAT'S RIGHT!  IF the calendar has turned to February, then Doctor Who fans are turning their sights towards Los Angeles and the 27 Stations of Gallifrey One .  As such, here at the MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast, we're thinking Gally and we've got a big preview for you!  How big?  

We've got our great friends, the wonderful and talented Kim & Sage of with us to talk about this year's convention, what we're are looking forward to, and many more high-level convention-going tips from all of us.  It's an hour of excited squeeing - come squee along with us, won't you?  

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