The DOCTOR is finally back!  "The Return of Doctor Mysterio" brings the Doctor back after a one-year absence, and John and I are itching to talk about it!  How did we find this year's special?  How did this story fit in with the Doctor's recent, sadder history?  Is he still reeling from the final night with River?  And Nardole is with him?  What did we think of Grant/Ghost & Lucy?  Take a listen and find out!

Also, we'll discuss the final episode of "Power of the Daleks"!  How did the story wrap up?  Was it even darker than we expected?  This story made each of us re-evaluate the Daleks; take a listen to find out how our perspectives have changed over the quintessential Doctor Who villains/monsters!

Plus, FINALLY, TRIVIA RETURNS!  We had a blast recording this, and we hope you enjoy bending your ear our way!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back to talk about "Power of the Daleks" episode 5!  Plans are in motion, the final confrontation is near, and John and I discuss the goings-on and our impressions!  We also briefly discuss John's appearance on the "In Defense Of..." podcast, and we excitedly prepare for the return of the TWELFTH Doctor next week!  It's the calm before the Oncoming Storm, so grab a mug of cider or eggnog or a plate of cookies and have a listen, won't you?  

Direct download: Mutters115PowerEp5.mp3
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The tension is mounting in "Power of the Daleks", and MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back to break it down for you!  The pieces are falling into place, and we can see things getting worse and worse for the Doctor, Ben & Polly!  John and I discuss the ratcheting dread, as well as showing our appreciation for the great script and performances (and animation).  We're really enjoying this weekly trek through this classic WHO story!

Plus, there's a new Sherlock trailer, and we discuss that as well as the entirety of the upcoming Series 4.  We discuss story titles, their corresponding stories from the Holmes canon, and just what we might possibly see in the new season!  


Direct download: Mutters114PowerEp4SherlockTrailer.mp3
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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast returns to continue with our recap of "Power of the Daleks"; this week, we tackle episode 3.  Pieces are starting to fit into place, and we are seeing just what is going on in the colony on Vulcan.  We discuss all of that, and we add our overall impressions.

Also, I (Will) have embarked on a full new Series rewatch, including Doctor Who Confidentials.  I'll talk about my early impressions from this rewatch (I'm through "Dalek"). 

Bite-sized episode (for us) this week, as we know everyone's trying to watch what they eat over the holidays!  Come join us! 

Direct download: Mutters113PowerEp3.mp3
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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back with a new episode, and we've got our favorites, Kim & Sage from with us!  They'll give us the behind-the-scenes scoop of their phenomenal "This or That" panel with Paul McGann from Long Island Who 4, as well as sharing their feelings about the convention as a whole.  We always love having them on, and this one is especially great (IMHO).  It's delightful!

Before we get to Sage & Kim, though, John and I will discuss "Power of the Daleks" episode 2.  We'll discuss our thoughts on the episode itself, while also debating pros and cons of the "old school" one episode a week with cliffhangers, slower pacing, etc format.  Plus, how is the story matching up with our expectations so far?  We talk about all of that.

It's a podcast full of fun and chat, and we'd love for you to take a listen!

Direct download: Mutters112PowerEp2HeadOverFeels.mp3
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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is fully BACK!  We broke from our long offseason's nap with Podcasts from Long Island Who 4, and now we are back with a full episode!  

We are diving into a weekly recap/analysis of the newly released animated version of POWER OF THE DALEKS, starting, of course, with episode 1 this week!  How do we feel seeing this classic story finally get to our ears and eyes?  Listen and find out!

We also do a wrap up of our fantastic weekend at LI Who 4, some of our favorite things as well as how we feel now that we're a week removed.

Plus, we will discuss the extended trailer for "The Return of Doctor Mysterio", the upcoming Christmas Special, that was shown as part of Children in Need 2016.

We're excited to be back weekly, as we've got POWER leading into the Christmas special, then SHERLOCK series 4.   

Please take a listen!

Direct download: Mutters111_Power01LongIslandWrap.mp3
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In what's becoming a bit of a tradition, John sits down with the incredible Deb Stanish, of the award winning Verity! Doctor Who podcast (among other places and credits) to discuss her high points from the weekend and compare LI Who with GallifreyOne. Give it a listen, won't you?

Direct download: LIWhoInterviewwStanish.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:53pm PDT

Will and John recap their fantastic Saturday at Long Island Who. Dance parties. Celebrity encounters! Games! And all the feels! Give us a listen, won't you?

Direct download: LIWhoMutter27sSpiral320Sun20Morn.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:31am PDT

Join Will and John as they review their incredibly long Saturday at the fantastic Long Island Who convention in New York State. Paul McGann! Head Over Feels' Sage and Kim! Peter Davison! Sophie Aldred and her amazingly soothing voice and presence! Beautifully grumpy Peter Purves! And a surprise? Join us, won't you?  

Direct download: LIWho_Part2_Saturday_Late_Night.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 12:45am PDT

Will and John return as we preview our weekend at LIWho 4, in Islip, New York. What shenanigans are in store? Only one way to find out! Give us a listen, won't you? 

Direct download: November_10_2016_at_5_56_PM-1.mp3
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It's late on Sunday night at GallifreyOne and John is joined by Deborah Stanish of the Verity! podcast to talk about her experiences at GallifreyOne. Did we solve the problem of the overhead airplanes? Did we mask the noise of the people in the halls? Find out now! 

Direct download: MuttersGally16SundayNightDebStanish.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:15am PDT

John talks with special guest Shannon Dohar about her impressions of GallifreyOne. The guest from the Sisterhood of Karn was Clare Higgens.

Did we overcome sobriety? Did we take the sound of airplanes taking off from LAX? Only one way to find out! 

Direct download: MuttersGally16wSDohar.mp3
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Slightly hoarse and bedraggled, Will and John recap some of the highlights from GallifreyOne, including meeting Sir John Hurt and panels with Deborah Stanish, Chip from Two Minute Time Lord, and Sage and Kim from Head Over Feels. Stay tuned for more from #gally1 

Direct download: MuttersGally16SundayAfternoon.mp3
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John talks with Rachel of the HockeyFeels podcast and friend of the show Susan about their experiences from Friday, Day One of GallifreyOne, North America's premier Doctor Who convention. 

Category: -- posted at: 4:36am PDT

Will and John are together again on Friday morning at GallyOne. We preview what we're looking forward to today and get pod-bombed. Stay tuned for more throughout the weekend.

Direct download: MuttersGally16FridayMorning.mp3
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John checks in from the road to GallifreyOne. And then uploads it from a convenient rest stop. 

Direct download: MuttersGally16_From_the_Road.mp3
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John says hello right before he takes off to brave the California highways on the road to GallifreyOne. Send in questions on Twitter @mutterspiral or @yosemiteforest 

Direct download: MuttersGally16_John_is_about_to_Depart_for_Gally.mp3
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GALLY 2016 is here and MUTTER'S SPIRAL is here to enjoy!  We will be putting up Podcasts all weekend, and we hope you listen and have fun and get a chance to experience what the convention is like!  WY

Direct download: Gally201620Will2001.mp3
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It's the most wonderful time.... of the year.... GALLY TIME!  THAT'S RIGHT!  IF the calendar has turned to February, then Doctor Who fans are turning their sights towards Los Angeles and the 27 Stations of Gallifrey One .  As such, here at the MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast, we're thinking Gally and we've got a big preview for you!  How big?  

We've got our great friends, the wonderful and talented Kim & Sage of with us to talk about this year's convention, what we're are looking forward to, and many more high-level convention-going tips from all of us.  It's an hour of excited squeeing - come squee along with us, won't you?  

Direct download: Mutters110_Gally_2016_Preview_HoF.mp3
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BREAKING WHO NEWS: Steven Moffat has announced he's stepping down after Series 10, to be replaced by Broadchurch creator (and Who and Torchwood writer) Chris Chibnall.  AND, NO NEW WHO UNTIL CHRISTMAS 2016!  SO - lots to talk about in a special BREAKING NEWS edition of MUTTER'S SPIRAL!

So, how do John & Will feel about this changing of the guard?  What do they think of Chibnall's previous work, and what might Who look like with him in charge?  We go through a lot of what we know and share our thoughts.  Won't you join us?  

Direct download: Mutters109_Moffat_Chibnall_takeover_news.mp3
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HAPPY NEW YEAR!  MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back, and since it's an even-numbered year, that means SHERLOCK is back, too!  "The Abominable Bride" returns Sherlock, Watson, Mary, Molly, Lestrade, Mrs. Hudson, Mycroft & Moriarty to our screens FINALLY!  

It's a very fun and inception-y episode with parts both in the 1890s (Traditional Sherlock Holmes stomping grounds) and modern day, following the end of S3 while also veering off fancifully!  

John & Will discuss it fully - what they really liked, what they really did not like (Will has some issues, so much so that he can't finish a sentence), but just generally exalt in the return of Holmes & Watson to our screens.  Plus, there's trivia!  Please have a listen!

Direct download: Mutters108_Sherlock_The_Abominable_Bride.mp3
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