MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back again, and we're discussing the fascinating "The Woman Who Lived", episode 6 of Series 9 of DOCTOR WHO.  The Doctor, Lady Me, Smoke & Mayflies - all of this as the Doctor confronts what he has done to Ashildr/Me and how that resonates for both her and him (oh, and Clara).  Some great writing and acting as we set up the back half of Series 9.  Plus, some big news and trivia!  Please listen, won't you?

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Maisie Williams!  Vikings!  Eels!  Why DID the Doctor frown himself that face?  All of these things and more were a huge part of "The Girl Who Died", episode 5 of Series 9 of Doctor Who, and John & Will are here to dive deep!  We'll talk about the ep, what it means going forward, what our thoughts and fears and hopes for the rest of the series are, and more!  Plus, trivia, including a GREAT factoid on the director from John.  We really enjoyed this episode, and hopefully our joy will shine through on the podcast!  Have a listen and find out!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back to talk about "Before the Flood", the 4th episode of DOCTOR WHO Series 9 and the conclusion to "Under the Lake".  John brings us in paradoxically (?) into the podcast, and then we talk about what worked for us and what left us a bit wanting.  We will also tackle trivia and news and all things Bootstrappy!  Please take a listen!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL returns to talk about "Under the Lake", the 3rd episode of DOCTOR WHO Series 9!  It's a proper scary episode, and we talk about the scares, our love of the Doctor's quippiness, our concern for Clara, and, of course, that CLIFFHANGER and what it all means.  Plus, news and trivia!

Also, we speculate pretty heavily on part 2 of this story at the end of the podcast, so if you don't want to listen to that, you'll be able to tell when it starts (right at the very end).

Please come listen!  

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