MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast 94 is live, talking all about the phenomenal episode "The Witch's Familiar", the second part of the first story of Series 9 of DOCTOR WHO!  John & Will may actually run out of adjectives this week trying to describe all of the things to love in this story.  Amazing acting, writing and direction combine to make an instant classic story.  We are both very excited over the start to Series 9!

Plus, news - ratings talk, rumors, etc - and trivia!  Please listen, if you're so inclined!  Thanks!! 

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DOCTOR WHO has returned for Series 9 with "The Magician's Apprentice", so John & Will are back to talk ALL about it!  We'll talk about that gob-smacking reveal at the start; all the relationships: Doctor/Clara, Doctor/Missy, even Missy/Clara; the difficulty of judging the first parts of 2 part stories, and how we're both liking the pacing and room to breathe in the story so far.  Plus, there's news and trivia!  

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DOCTOR WHO Series 9 begins Saturday (9/19), so that must mean that MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back, too!  John & Will return from hiatus to talk about the upcoming Series 9!  We go over the episodes and rev up the Speculatron!  Also, we discuss the imminent exit of the wonderful Jenna Coleman and toss around ideas for the next companion (Something for your Bucket List, perhaps?).  We also give our impressions of seeing the Series 8 finale in 3D in the cinemas.  

We're excited to be back!  We hope you can listen in and share our excitement!


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