MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast 86 - "Flesh and Stone" (again)

MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast continues its jaunt down "Weeping Angel Memory Lane" with a discussion of "Flesh and Stone", the 2nd part of Series 5's epic Angel tale.  We talk at length about the terrific episode and even speculate about parts of the episode that seemed... "out of time".  This was our 5th podcast, recorded in May 2010.  We've also recorded a brief news update at the start with two David Tennant tidbits.  Won't you have a listen?  

Coming next week: GALLY 2015 preview!

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It's time for more "MUTTERS Classic" - yes, a repeat from our archives - today, following on last week's podcast on "Blink", we look at "The Time of Angels" - part 1 of the 2 part Weeping Angel story from Series 5 - this is the 4th 11th Doctor episode as well as the 4th MUTTER'S SPIRAL episode  - May 10, 2010 - so it's from the early days!  I'm sure there's lots of discussion, gushing and trivia!  We again did a quick intro - not much news this week, but just a little hello.  If you're so inclined, take a listen!  Enjoy!  

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast wishes you all a happy 2015!  We're celebrating by... going back to 1/27/11 - when we recorded this podcast for "Blink", the classic Doctor Who episode from 2007, written by Steven Moffat and starring David Tennant, Freema Agyeman and Carey Mulligan!  We thought this would be a fun podcast to bring back, since it's no longer up anywhere - of course, "Blink" is one of the all-time greatest episodes of Doctor Who!  

As bonuses for this podcast, you get a lot of great stories about our trip to London in 2006 to meet the writers (Cornell, Moffat, Dicks, Shearman, Greenhorn, MacRae, and even Gary Russell!)  There's a great story that John will recount that has to do with the FIRST edition of this episode's script from that night!

2nd bonus: we're in the same room for the first time ever!  So, that's something! 

The NEW content is 10 minutes of news about Series 9, RTD, Gally/Barrowman.  Then, into the original podcast!  Please have a listen!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast 83 - "Last Christmas"

HAPPY NEW YEAR from MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast, and we're finally here to discuss the crackingly wonderful DOCTOR WHO Christmas episode, "Last Christmas"!  Join us as we go over every aspect: the scares, the FEELS, the delight at Santa meeting the Doctor, and then the Christmas present to everyone, MORE of 12 and CLARA.  The episode is the favorite Christmas ep for one of us, even!  Plus, there's trivia, of course!  But no tangerine (seriously, can someone explain those to us??)!

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