It's time for the beloved annual tradition (well, since 2005): DOCTOR WHO at Christmas!  This year, the Doctor is back with a song.... RIVER SONG!  River makes her re-appearance in "The Husbands of River Song", and we'll talk all about it on the MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast!

There's screwball comedy, unrecognized faces, a truly proper goggling at the dimensions of the TARDIS, great fun as well as heartfelt emotion and bittersweet sadness as the Doctor & River finally make it to the Singing Towers of Darillium for their (almost) final date.  

John and I really loved this episode and enjoyed diving in and discussing it in great detail!  Plus, there's some good trivia (OF COURSE!)!  Please have a listen!

Thanks to all of our listeners and downloaders for being a part of this!  Here's to a Happy & Safe New Year to everyone, from John & me!  

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We're going back in time on this week's MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast: a re-posting (the original one is long gone) of "Vincent & The Doctor", one of our very favorite episodes and one of our first podcasts (#10)!  

We recorded about ten minutes of new content as an introduction, then you'll travel by TARDIS (OK, speaker) back to June 2010 for our discussion of Vincent.  This seemed suitably gushy and happy for the holiday season!

Please enjoy our gift to you (and Doctor Who's gift to all of us)!  Happy Holidays!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back with a recap of Series 9, and we're joined by two of our very favorite people, Sage & Kim from !  They'll dive deep with us as we talk all about Series 9: the Doctor, Clara, Timelords, Zygons, et al!  Plus, they'll give us the rundown on two conventions they recently attended: L.I. Who 3 and Chicago TARDIS.  It's always a pleasure to talk Doctor Who with Sage & Kim, as they are bright, fun, thoughtful guests.  Their recaps of WHO (and other TV) is essential reading for any Whovian!  Lots of chat and laughter and fun on this one, so come join us, won't you?

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Mutter's Spiral Podcast returns to talk about "Hell Bent", the Series 9 finale of DOCTOR WHO - John & Will share their thoughts on the finale and the various goings on.  "Heaven Sent" was loved by us, but how do we feel about this follow up?  It's an amazing episode and one that evokes strong feelings from us both, and we try and verbalize them, when not squeeing.  PLUS, the return of trivia!

Also, coming NEXT week, it's a #FEELSSPIRAL, as Kim & Sage of join us to break things down further, give us convention updates and who knows what else?!?

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back to talk about the SUBLIME, AMAZING, FANTASTIC episode of DOCTOR WHO, "Heaven Sent" - written by Steven Moffat & Directed by Rachel Talalay!  

This is simply an episode we both loved - we'll break down what worked, why it did, the challenges involved, and what this means for the upcoming season finale.  We'll GUSH A LOT over how great Capaldi, Moffat, Talalay are and what an accomplishment this episode is.  Basically, it's a love-fest... and a well-earned one!

There's no trivia this week, as we wanted to get right to talking about the episode, although we do hit on some news tidbits, including the title of the Christmas episode!  

Please have a listen, won't you?  Thanks!

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We're back, and we're sad - join us as we talk about "Face The Raven" - DOCTOR WHO Series 9, Episode 10.  We'll discuss Clara's exit and how we feel about her, the exit and how it was done, and what it means going forward.  It's a gorgeously written episode from Sarah Dollard, and we pay homage to her while dealing with our feelings.  We'll also go into historical context as well.  Plus, some trivia.

BTW, the musical intro is "Clara?" from Murray Gold and the Series 7 soundtrack.

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back, and we've got company!  Our friend Shannon joins us to talk about her experience at LI Who 3, seeing Paul McGann, Katy Manning, Janet Fielding and others

We then get into a discussion about "Sleep No More", the latest DOCTOR WHO episode from the pen (keyboard?) of Mark Gatiss.  This was one of the more experimental (and confusing) episodes of Doctor Who, so we talk about that, how it fits (or doesn't) in S9, what didn't really work for us, and what it might mean for the final 3 episodes.  

We really enjoyed having Shannon on, as it led to some great discussion, and she has a lot to offer.  Take a listen and hear for yourself!  

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We've hit triple digits!  It's podcast #100 on MUTTER'S SPIRAL!  We're back to talk about "The Zygon Inversion" - did it overcome issues & problems with part 1?  Are we filled with happiness and relief?  HOW GOOD WAS CAPALDI AND THAT SPEECH?  What's next for Clara?  Lots of questions, and we've got answers, all in podcast form!  Plus, there's TRIVIA, as always!  

AND, what special thing did we do for our 100th?  (Nothing - come on, you know it, it's a miracle the podcast was properly recorded the first time).  But, seriously, we have a blast doing this, and we thank EVERYONE who listens!!  It's our pleasure to do this, and we hope it has been enjoyable for you to listen to.  

Here's to the NEXT 100!

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ZYGONS, ZYGONS EVERYWHERE!  Mutter's Spiral Podcast is back talking about "The Zygon Invasion", episode 7 of Series 9 of DOCTOR WHO (and, yes, part 1 of 2)!  It's a shorter podcast, since it's half of a very plot-heavy story from Peter Harness.  We don't talk plot much, as that's left to unravel in part 2, but we do talk about the political parallels between this story and "real life" as well as a lot of elements that did NOT work for me (Will) - I'm full of disdain.  John enjoyed the story more, but he was not comfortable with the political messages raining down upon the viewers, either.  We're both hoping that part 2 really brings the story home in a successful way, so we decided to wait until next week for a more full discussion of the story. 

It's interesting listening (we hope), but it's not as positive and sunny as our usual podcasts.  Of course, there's also TRIVIA!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back again, and we're discussing the fascinating "The Woman Who Lived", episode 6 of Series 9 of DOCTOR WHO.  The Doctor, Lady Me, Smoke & Mayflies - all of this as the Doctor confronts what he has done to Ashildr/Me and how that resonates for both her and him (oh, and Clara).  Some great writing and acting as we set up the back half of Series 9.  Plus, some big news and trivia!  Please listen, won't you?

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