It's time for the beloved annual tradition (well, since 2005): DOCTOR WHO at Christmas!  This year, the Doctor is back with a song.... RIVER SONG!  River makes her re-appearance in "The Husbands of River Song", and we'll talk all about it on the MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast!

There's screwball comedy, unrecognized faces, a truly proper goggling at the dimensions of the TARDIS, great fun as well as heartfelt emotion and bittersweet sadness as the Doctor & River finally make it to the Singing Towers of Darillium for their (almost) final date.  

John and I really loved this episode and enjoyed diving in and discussing it in great detail!  Plus, there's some good trivia (OF COURSE!)!  Please have a listen!

Thanks to all of our listeners and downloaders for being a part of this!  Here's to a Happy & Safe New Year to everyone, from John & me!  

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We're going back in time on this week's MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast: a re-posting (the original one is long gone) of "Vincent & The Doctor", one of our very favorite episodes and one of our first podcasts (#10)!  

We recorded about ten minutes of new content as an introduction, then you'll travel by TARDIS (OK, speaker) back to June 2010 for our discussion of Vincent.  This seemed suitably gushy and happy for the holiday season!

Please enjoy our gift to you (and Doctor Who's gift to all of us)!  Happy Holidays!

Direct download: Mutters106_Vincent_and_the_Doctor.mp3
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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back with a recap of Series 9, and we're joined by two of our very favorite people, Sage & Kim from !  They'll dive deep with us as we talk all about Series 9: the Doctor, Clara, Timelords, Zygons, et al!  Plus, they'll give us the rundown on two conventions they recently attended: L.I. Who 3 and Chicago TARDIS.  It's always a pleasure to talk Doctor Who with Sage & Kim, as they are bright, fun, thoughtful guests.  Their recaps of WHO (and other TV) is essential reading for any Whovian!  Lots of chat and laughter and fun on this one, so come join us, won't you?

Direct download: Mutters105_HOF_Series9Recap.mp3
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Mutter's Spiral Podcast returns to talk about "Hell Bent", the Series 9 finale of DOCTOR WHO - John & Will share their thoughts on the finale and the various goings on.  "Heaven Sent" was loved by us, but how do we feel about this follow up?  It's an amazing episode and one that evokes strong feelings from us both, and we try and verbalize them, when not squeeing.  PLUS, the return of trivia!

Also, coming NEXT week, it's a #FEELSSPIRAL, as Kim & Sage of join us to break things down further, give us convention updates and who knows what else?!?

Direct download: Mutters104_Hell_Bent.mp3
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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back to talk about the SUBLIME, AMAZING, FANTASTIC episode of DOCTOR WHO, "Heaven Sent" - written by Steven Moffat & Directed by Rachel Talalay!  

This is simply an episode we both loved - we'll break down what worked, why it did, the challenges involved, and what this means for the upcoming season finale.  We'll GUSH A LOT over how great Capaldi, Moffat, Talalay are and what an accomplishment this episode is.  Basically, it's a love-fest... and a well-earned one!

There's no trivia this week, as we wanted to get right to talking about the episode, although we do hit on some news tidbits, including the title of the Christmas episode!  

Please have a listen, won't you?  Thanks!

Direct download: Mutters103_Heaven_Sent.mp3
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We're back, and we're sad - join us as we talk about "Face The Raven" - DOCTOR WHO Series 9, Episode 10.  We'll discuss Clara's exit and how we feel about her, the exit and how it was done, and what it means going forward.  It's a gorgeously written episode from Sarah Dollard, and we pay homage to her while dealing with our feelings.  We'll also go into historical context as well.  Plus, some trivia.

BTW, the musical intro is "Clara?" from Murray Gold and the Series 7 soundtrack.

Direct download: Mutters102_Face_The_Raven.mp3
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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back, and we've got company!  Our friend Shannon joins us to talk about her experience at LI Who 3, seeing Paul McGann, Katy Manning, Janet Fielding and others

We then get into a discussion about "Sleep No More", the latest DOCTOR WHO episode from the pen (keyboard?) of Mark Gatiss.  This was one of the more experimental (and confusing) episodes of Doctor Who, so we talk about that, how it fits (or doesn't) in S9, what didn't really work for us, and what it might mean for the final 3 episodes.  

We really enjoyed having Shannon on, as it led to some great discussion, and she has a lot to offer.  Take a listen and hear for yourself!  

Direct download: Mutters101_Sleep_No_More.mp3
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We've hit triple digits!  It's podcast #100 on MUTTER'S SPIRAL!  We're back to talk about "The Zygon Inversion" - did it overcome issues & problems with part 1?  Are we filled with happiness and relief?  HOW GOOD WAS CAPALDI AND THAT SPEECH?  What's next for Clara?  Lots of questions, and we've got answers, all in podcast form!  Plus, there's TRIVIA, as always!  

AND, what special thing did we do for our 100th?  (Nothing - come on, you know it, it's a miracle the podcast was properly recorded the first time).  But, seriously, we have a blast doing this, and we thank EVERYONE who listens!!  It's our pleasure to do this, and we hope it has been enjoyable for you to listen to.  

Here's to the NEXT 100!

Direct download: Mutters100_The_Zygon_Inversion.mp3
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ZYGONS, ZYGONS EVERYWHERE!  Mutter's Spiral Podcast is back talking about "The Zygon Invasion", episode 7 of Series 9 of DOCTOR WHO (and, yes, part 1 of 2)!  It's a shorter podcast, since it's half of a very plot-heavy story from Peter Harness.  We don't talk plot much, as that's left to unravel in part 2, but we do talk about the political parallels between this story and "real life" as well as a lot of elements that did NOT work for me (Will) - I'm full of disdain.  John enjoyed the story more, but he was not comfortable with the political messages raining down upon the viewers, either.  We're both hoping that part 2 really brings the story home in a successful way, so we decided to wait until next week for a more full discussion of the story. 

It's interesting listening (we hope), but it's not as positive and sunny as our usual podcasts.  Of course, there's also TRIVIA!

Direct download: Mutters99_The_Zygon_Invasion.mp3
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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back again, and we're discussing the fascinating "The Woman Who Lived", episode 6 of Series 9 of DOCTOR WHO.  The Doctor, Lady Me, Smoke & Mayflies - all of this as the Doctor confronts what he has done to Ashildr/Me and how that resonates for both her and him (oh, and Clara).  Some great writing and acting as we set up the back half of Series 9.  Plus, some big news and trivia!  Please listen, won't you?

Direct download: Mutters98_The_Woman_Who_Lived.mp3
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Maisie Williams!  Vikings!  Eels!  Why DID the Doctor frown himself that face?  All of these things and more were a huge part of "The Girl Who Died", episode 5 of Series 9 of Doctor Who, and John & Will are here to dive deep!  We'll talk about the ep, what it means going forward, what our thoughts and fears and hopes for the rest of the series are, and more!  Plus, trivia, including a GREAT factoid on the director from John.  We really enjoyed this episode, and hopefully our joy will shine through on the podcast!  Have a listen and find out!

Direct download: Mutters97_The_Girl_Who_Died.mp3
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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back to talk about "Before the Flood", the 4th episode of DOCTOR WHO Series 9 and the conclusion to "Under the Lake".  John brings us in paradoxically (?) into the podcast, and then we talk about what worked for us and what left us a bit wanting.  We will also tackle trivia and news and all things Bootstrappy!  Please take a listen!

Direct download: Mutters96_Before_The_Flood.mp3
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MUTTER'S SPIRAL returns to talk about "Under the Lake", the 3rd episode of DOCTOR WHO Series 9!  It's a proper scary episode, and we talk about the scares, our love of the Doctor's quippiness, our concern for Clara, and, of course, that CLIFFHANGER and what it all means.  Plus, news and trivia!

Also, we speculate pretty heavily on part 2 of this story at the end of the podcast, so if you don't want to listen to that, you'll be able to tell when it starts (right at the very end).

Please come listen!  

Direct download: Mutters95_Under_The_Lake.mp3
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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast 94 is live, talking all about the phenomenal episode "The Witch's Familiar", the second part of the first story of Series 9 of DOCTOR WHO!  John & Will may actually run out of adjectives this week trying to describe all of the things to love in this story.  Amazing acting, writing and direction combine to make an instant classic story.  We are both very excited over the start to Series 9!

Plus, news - ratings talk, rumors, etc - and trivia!  Please listen, if you're so inclined!  Thanks!! 

Direct download: Mutters94_WitchsFamiliar.mp3
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DOCTOR WHO has returned for Series 9 with "The Magician's Apprentice", so John & Will are back to talk ALL about it!  We'll talk about that gob-smacking reveal at the start; all the relationships: Doctor/Clara, Doctor/Missy, even Missy/Clara; the difficulty of judging the first parts of 2 part stories, and how we're both liking the pacing and room to breathe in the story so far.  Plus, there's news and trivia!  

Direct download: Mutters93_Magicians_Apprentice.mp3
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DOCTOR WHO Series 9 begins Saturday (9/19), so that must mean that MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back, too!  John & Will return from hiatus to talk about the upcoming Series 9!  We go over the episodes and rev up the Speculatron!  Also, we discuss the imminent exit of the wonderful Jenna Coleman and toss around ideas for the next companion (Something for your Bucket List, perhaps?).  We also give our impressions of seeing the Series 8 finale in 3D in the cinemas.  

We're excited to be back!  We hope you can listen in and share our excitement!


Direct download: Mutters92_PreSeries9.mp3
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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is BACK, and we've got the TVmouse (@theTVmouse) with us! We asked our friend Kelly to join us, and she chose the 10th Doctor classic "MIDNIGHT", one of the very best episodes of DOCTOR WHO - and definitely one of the most traumatic.  

In fact, this is only the 2nd time John has seen it, as he vowed never again after the first time - THAT is how shook he was.  To me, it's the scariest of all Doctor Who - mad humans and the Doctor without his "superpower", his voice.  Kelly chose very wisely!

It's a fascinating episode and such a departure for the RTD era, and we have a lot of fun talking about it.  Plus, of course, there's trivia!  

Please take a listen, won't you? 

Twitter: @mutterspiral   @YosemiteForest

Direct download: Mutters91_Midnight.mp3
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March 26, 2005 - DOCTOR WHO returned to television screens and met ROSE TYLER.  

Today, TEN YEARS later, we celebrate that return by discussing "ROSE", the premiere episode of the return!  This podcast was recorded in 2010 (#16 overall), but it's not in circulation currently, so we thought we'd repost it (also, largely due to John being ill and unable to record) - we not only talk about the episode itself, but where WHO was at the time, and also how Rose and the return brought John and me together as friends.  We hope you'll enjoy this!  Just anytime we say "five years", mentally say to yourself "Ten years".  :)


PS - Fully new episodes coming very soon - first up: MIDNIGHT with guest Kelly Connolly (@TheTVMouse)

Direct download: Mutters90_WHOniversary_Rose.mp3
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The 26 Seasons of Gallifrey One, the 2015 version of North America's pre-eminent Doctor Who convention, is in the books, and John and Will return for one last recap.  They'll discuss the weekend - what they liked, what they wish they'd seen, podcasts they did and will be doing - everything in general.  Join them for a quick burst back through the excitement of Gally!


NOTE: This was recorded on Friday afternoon; shortly thereafter, John and his wife learned of the passing of her mother.  Deepest condolences go out to his wife V, John, and their entire family.  V's mom was a nice lady and well-loved; she'll be missed.

Direct download: Mutters89Gally15Recap.mp3
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John checks in again from the road as he leaves GallifreyOne, North America's premiere Doctor Who convention. He briefly talks about the highlights and thanks a few people as they come to mind. A full recap will happen later this week. You can follow John at @YosemiteForest and Will over at @Mutterspiral.


Please don't try this at home.

Direct download: Mondayontgeroad.mp3
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John flies solo and talks with friends of the podcast Ricky and Beth on the day after GallifreyOne, North America's premiere Doctor Who convention, in Los Angeles. We talk about their high points and why they keep coming back for more. 


Follow Ricky at @ricky_ballboy and at his blog,


Check us out on Twitter at @mutterspiral and @yosemiteforest #gally1 

Direct download: BethandRickyMondayMorning.mp3
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Will and John talk to Sage from Head Over Feels about how female writers could change Doctor Who, overall female representation on the show and her panel on that subject. Also, shout outs to Eve Myles, Burn Gorman and whether John Barrowman could survive a sex harassment suit in the States (spoiler alert, he can't). 


Apologies for the sound quality as we talk outside the hotel holding GallifreyOne, the premier Doctor Who con in the world. 

Direct download: SundayNightSage.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:00pm PDT

Will and John talk with Deb Stanish of the Verity podcast and Alyssa Franke of WhovianFeminism Twitter and Tumblr about their experiences at GallifreyOne, their views on Doctor Who and fandom in general. We're in the outside lounge area, so ambient noise and drunken revelry happens. (Not that we've been drinking.) 

Direct download: DebAlyssaPodcast.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:15am PDT

Will and John talk about their Saturday at GallifreyOne, the best Doctor Who convention in North America. We talk about our favorite moments and what we're looking forward to for the rest of the weekend. 


Special thanks to everyone for their support and listening to last night's podcast with the proposal of Darin to Gennette. Check us out on Twitter at @mutterspiral and @yosemiteforest, and please leave a review on iTunes.

Direct download: SaturdayDayCheckIn.mp3
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Will and John stage an interview with Gennette (in her first GallifreyOne in several years) and Darin (at his first Doctor Who convention ever) at the pool at LAX Marriott. But this is a ruse- listen as John and Will stall until Darin asks Gennette to marry him. Will she say yes? Only one way to find out. 

Direct download: TheProposal.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:45pm PDT

Will and John are joined by Kelly from the TVMouse blog, and Kim from Headoverfeels in front of the hotel for the GallifreyOne convention, the best Doctor Who convention in North America. We discuss their panel on the role of Clara Oswald in this last season of Doctor Who as well as other events from Day One of the convention. 


Posted from a hammock in the LAX pool area.

Direct download: FridayKellyKim.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:51pm PDT

Will, John, and their friend Julie talk about their experiences Friday at GallifreyOne, the Doctor Who convention in Los Angeles. Panels! Discussions! Burn Gorman, Naoko Mori, Paul Cornell, Deb Stanish, Headoverfeels, TVMouse and more! Follow us on Twitter @mutterspiral @yosemiteforest 

Direct download: JohnWillJulieFridayevening.mp3
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Wil and John talk about what's been going on with GallifreyOne on the pre-convention day with Julie, Palle and Rachel. We talk about how Doctor Who companion River Song can't make it, and other things. 

Direct download: GroupMuttersSpiral.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:52pm PDT

John records a message from the road-literally-while driving to Los Angeles for GallifreyOne, the world's best Doctor Who convention. Have questions for anyone at #gally1? Tweet us at @mutterspiral or @YosemiteForest and we'll

try to ask them for you. 

Direct download: Feb201220from20the20road.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:28pm PDT

Mutter's Spiral's very own John tries to navigate uploading a podcast from his smart-phone as he prepares for the GallifreyOne Doctor Who convention in Los Angeles! Will it work? Let's find out? 

Direct download: MuttersSpiralWedTest2.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:25pm PDT

Just testing remote feeding!

Direct download: Mutters15GallyWedTest.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:37am PDT

MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast 87 - GALLIFREY ONE - 2015 Preview

It's almost time for GALLIFREY ONE - the 26th (like the show!) edition of the premier Doctor Who US fan gathering, and MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is here to preview the entire weekend and, well, just squee giddily for 45 minutes!  

We'll talk about the various panels and guests we're excited to see, AND, we'll tell you about the many great FAN panels, including one that will include JOHN himself (Doctor Who - Remember When? - Sunday, 10 AM, Program D).  Of course, there's another John (BARROWMAN!) there on the weekend (and up against our John, no less!) as well as the wondrous and amazing ALEX KINGSTON.  SO - Captain Jack AND River Song - plus, tons of other guests both Doctor Who (20th & 21st century) and Torchwood (including Eve Myles, Naoko Mori AND Burn Gorman!) and even other areas of entertainment!

Also, we'll talk about the fan panels that include John as well as Kim & Sage of, former guests on the show, and lots of our other friends.  

We'll also give an overview for those who are going to their first Gally One; wax rhapsodically about the food at Champions Sports Bar (Fish & Chips, please); and just have warm feelings about going back "home" for the weekend.  Plus, we'll give tips on finding us at Gally One - there's a free beverage in it for you!

Please take a listen - and, also, please humbly and gratefully accept our thanks for downloading and listening.  It's our pleasure to bring this to you.

Direct download: Mutters87_Gally15_Preview.mp3
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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast 86 - "Flesh and Stone" (again)

MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast continues its jaunt down "Weeping Angel Memory Lane" with a discussion of "Flesh and Stone", the 2nd part of Series 5's epic Angel tale.  We talk at length about the terrific episode and even speculate about parts of the episode that seemed... "out of time".  This was our 5th podcast, recorded in May 2010.  We've also recorded a brief news update at the start with two David Tennant tidbits.  Won't you have a listen?  

Coming next week: GALLY 2015 preview!

Direct download: Mutters86_Flesh_and_Stone_may2010.mp3
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It's time for more "MUTTERS Classic" - yes, a repeat from our archives - today, following on last week's podcast on "Blink", we look at "The Time of Angels" - part 1 of the 2 part Weeping Angel story from Series 5 - this is the 4th 11th Doctor episode as well as the 4th MUTTER'S SPIRAL episode  - May 10, 2010 - so it's from the early days!  I'm sure there's lots of discussion, gushing and trivia!  We again did a quick intro - not much news this week, but just a little hello.  If you're so inclined, take a listen!  Enjoy!  

Direct download: Mutters85_Time_of_Angels_may2010.mp3
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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast wishes you all a happy 2015!  We're celebrating by... going back to 1/27/11 - when we recorded this podcast for "Blink", the classic Doctor Who episode from 2007, written by Steven Moffat and starring David Tennant, Freema Agyeman and Carey Mulligan!  We thought this would be a fun podcast to bring back, since it's no longer up anywhere - of course, "Blink" is one of the all-time greatest episodes of Doctor Who!  

As bonuses for this podcast, you get a lot of great stories about our trip to London in 2006 to meet the writers (Cornell, Moffat, Dicks, Shearman, Greenhorn, MacRae, and even Gary Russell!)  There's a great story that John will recount that has to do with the FIRST edition of this episode's script from that night!

2nd bonus: we're in the same room for the first time ever!  So, that's something! 

The NEW content is 10 minutes of news about Series 9, RTD, Gally/Barrowman.  Then, into the original podcast!  Please have a listen!

Direct download: Mutters84_BLINK_jan2011.mp3
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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast 83 - "Last Christmas"

HAPPY NEW YEAR from MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast, and we're finally here to discuss the crackingly wonderful DOCTOR WHO Christmas episode, "Last Christmas"!  Join us as we go over every aspect: the scares, the FEELS, the delight at Santa meeting the Doctor, and then the Christmas present to everyone, MORE of 12 and CLARA.  The episode is the favorite Christmas ep for one of us, even!  Plus, there's trivia, of course!  But no tangerine (seriously, can someone explain those to us??)!

Direct download: Mutters83_LastChristmas.mp3
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