MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast continues with its Series 8 review - and this time, we've got Kim & Sage from to help us!  They joined us to talk about "Deep Breath", so it made sense to us to have them back post-season.  They add their customary wit, charm and passion for Doctor Who to the pod, and the most fun type of chaos ensues!  We talk about their favorite moments and episodes (and LEAST favorites) as well as the big arcs for the Doctor & Clara in Series 8.  There's also an excellent Paul McGann impersonation from Kim, as she relates tales of interviewing and meeting him at LI Who.  Sage & Kim bring a lot of insight in their recap on HOF, and we're lucky to have them back to talk more WHO!  AND, it was recorded on Doctor Who Birthday #51, so that's an extra bonus!  Please join us for a boisterous and fun Doctor Who discussion!

Here's a link to HEADOVERFEELS.COM 

Note: there are some occasional dropouts due to a weak Skype connection, but I think I removed all of the dead air.

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Doctor Who Series 8 is history, but MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is not done talking about it yet!  Join John & Will as they dissect this season: how is Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor?  What did we think of Clara's arc this season?  How about Danny & Missy?  How did the show do at building these season-long arcs and what did we like and dislike about them?  Plus, our favorite episodes!  No Trivia this week, though. 

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Doctor Who Series 8 Finale time!  There's "Death in Heaven", and John & Will are back to break down the episode and talk about it!   Dive in to the 2 hours of discussion - we talk Doctor, Clara, Danny, Missy, Osgood, Kate, the Brig, the Cybermen, thematic arcs, annoying plot holes, sadness over fallen comrades, and so much more.  Plus, there's trivia, which includes one of my (Will) better pulls on a right answer (balanced by my forgetting the answer to a question John had previously asked).  We really enjoyed talking about this, and we hope you'll enjoy listening!!  

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It seems impossible, but we're already at the Series 8 finale for DOCTOR WHO: "Dark Water" is the first part of that story, and John & Will are back again to excitedly discuss it.  There's so much going on!  Danny... the Doctor & Clara off to find him...the dead are becoming Cybermen... and Missy reveals herself, finally!  AND, it's only PART ONE!  Come take a listen, won't you?  Thanks!

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