PETER CAPALDI IS THE DOCTOR... and MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is here to talk about it, and, as a special treat (for us and for you), Sage & Kim from join us for a rollicking and fun (and LONG) show to discuss "DEEP BREATH", Series 8, Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, the Paternoster Gang and more!  Plus, Sage & Kim will relate their experiences at both the NYC premiere from 8/14 AND as part of the studio audience for the BBCA pre- and post-episode shows.  We'll all discuss how we got into Doctor Who fandom, and there's even a DOUBLE dose of TRIVIA - John has his usual brainteasers, and Sage also chimes in with 5 tough ones (she is a trivia quizmistress! A Quiz MISSY?).

This is one of my favorite podcasts that we've done.  Lots of great insight and opinions and perspectives.  

Please join us!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL PODCAST IS BACK! Yes, we took ANOTHER hiatus during this most recent fallow period, but... DOCTOR WHO, with Peter Capaldi taking over as the DOCTOR, returns on August 23!  AND, we're here to talk about the upcoming series and discuss goings-on, like the DW World Tour, episode titles, a new credit sequence, spoilers and just what IS a spoiler, and lots more!  

PLUS - TRIVIA (small batch this week - but includes a neat note linking a new show on US TV to Doctor Who and a specific and kilted companion).

Also - ALS challenge discussion (BARROWMAN!), lots of name dropping (Brannigan, Sage & Kim of Head Over Feels , Kelly aka The TV Mouse , Verity!, Hugo awards, etc).

Please join us! 

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