MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast continues with its Series 8 review - and this time, we've got Kim & Sage from to help us!  They joined us to talk about "Deep Breath", so it made sense to us to have them back post-season.  They add their customary wit, charm and passion for Doctor Who to the pod, and the most fun type of chaos ensues!  We talk about their favorite moments and episodes (and LEAST favorites) as well as the big arcs for the Doctor & Clara in Series 8.  There's also an excellent Paul McGann impersonation from Kim, as she relates tales of interviewing and meeting him at LI Who.  Sage & Kim bring a lot of insight in their recap on HOF, and we're lucky to have them back to talk more WHO!  AND, it was recorded on Doctor Who Birthday #51, so that's an extra bonus!  Please join us for a boisterous and fun Doctor Who discussion!

Here's a link to HEADOVERFEELS.COM 

Note: there are some occasional dropouts due to a weak Skype connection, but I think I removed all of the dead air.

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Doctor Who Series 8 is history, but MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is not done talking about it yet!  Join John & Will as they dissect this season: how is Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor?  What did we think of Clara's arc this season?  How about Danny & Missy?  How did the show do at building these season-long arcs and what did we like and dislike about them?  Plus, our favorite episodes!  No Trivia this week, though. 

Direct download: Mutters81_S8reviewpt1.mp3
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Doctor Who Series 8 Finale time!  There's "Death in Heaven", and John & Will are back to break down the episode and talk about it!   Dive in to the 2 hours of discussion - we talk Doctor, Clara, Danny, Missy, Osgood, Kate, the Brig, the Cybermen, thematic arcs, annoying plot holes, sadness over fallen comrades, and so much more.  Plus, there's trivia, which includes one of my (Will) better pulls on a right answer (balanced by my forgetting the answer to a question John had previously asked).  We really enjoyed talking about this, and we hope you'll enjoy listening!!  

Direct download: Mutters80_DeathInHeaven.mp3
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It seems impossible, but we're already at the Series 8 finale for DOCTOR WHO: "Dark Water" is the first part of that story, and John & Will are back again to excitedly discuss it.  There's so much going on!  Danny... the Doctor & Clara off to find him...the dead are becoming Cybermen... and Missy reveals herself, finally!  AND, it's only PART ONE!  Come take a listen, won't you?  Thanks!

Direct download: Mutters79_DarkWater.mp3
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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast returns to talk about "In the Forest of the Night", episode 10 of Series 8 of DOCTOR WHO.   Join John & Will as they discuss what worked and didn't in the "main" plot (and which one was delighted by it) as well as the latest chapter in the Danny-Clara saga (which someone is distinctly TIRED of).  Plus, there is discussion of the teaser for "Dark Water" and trivia, too!  Please listen!

Direct download: Mutters78_ForestoftheNight.mp3
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Doctor WHO?  Well, this week, it's DOCTOR CLARA on the MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast!  Join John & Will as they discuss "Flatline", written by Jamie Mathieson, episode 9 of 12 in Series 8 of DOCTOR WHO.  How did Clara do as the Doctor?  How does this fit in with her progression this season?  How cute is the tiny TARDIS?  Will Peter Capaldi have a 2nd career in an Addams Family reboot (Douglas Addams??)?  There's all this and lots more to talk about!  This is a terrific episode, and there's a lot to dig into.  And, as always, there's trivia!  Please listen!

Direct download: Mutters77_Flatline.mp3
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START THE CLOCK: We've got more than 66 seconds worth of discussion on the new Doctor Who episode "Mummy on the Orient Express" - did we enjoy this as a faithful replica of what an Agatha Christie story is?  What did we make of Perkins?  And, of course, discussion of Clara's about-face from her "wobble" - "Give me PLANETS"!  Plus, Trivia and some news!  Come have a listen, please? (BONUS: No allegorical discussion this week!)

Direct download: Mutters76_MummyOrientExpress.mp3
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Clara reaches a breaking point with the Doctor in "Kill The Moon", and Mutter's Spiral is talking about it.  Check out the new episode.  There's trivia, too. 

Direct download: Mutters75_KillTheMoon.mp3
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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast returns to discuss "The Caretaker", episode 6 of Series 8 (or Series 34) of Doctor Who, written by Gareth Roberts & Steven Moffat.  It's the cataclysmic first meeting of the Doctor and Clara's new friend, Danny Pink, and Clara's in the middle.  So, there's a LOT to talk about this week - we have an interesting discussion with 2 very different viewpoints on this episode, the behaviors involved, and how it struck us.  It's the favorite episode of the series for one of us, and for the other, it was a journey from initial dislike to great enjoyment of the episode with some issues still.  Plus, news and trivia!  Please take care and listen! ;-)

Direct download: Mutters74_Caretaker.mp3
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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back, just in time for a HEIST!  A "Time Heist", in fact - join John & Will as they chat about the very entertaining 5th episode of Series 8 of Doctor Who.  Architects, Tellers, Memory Worms, Soup - it's all here! Plus, Will flails through a great trivia set like the 11th Doctor at the Pond Wedding - and some bonus questions and info from Will.  Have a listen, won't you?

Direct download: Mutters73_TimeHeist.mp3
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LISTEN to MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast 72, as John & Will return to talk about Steven Moffat's great new Doctor Who episode "LISTEN".  LISTEN to us discuss Moffat Loops, the scariness of uncertainty, and how Clara IS the Doctor in many ways, at least in this episode!  Plus, some good trivia, so won't you please LISTEN (if for no other reason than to STOP THE PUNS).  Plus, it's a really good episode.  

Direct download: Mutters72_Listen.mp3
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Happiness & joy abound on this week's MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast, as we discuss Mark Gatiss's lovely (DRINK) take on the Robin Hood legend, "Robot of Sherwood". There's swashbuckling, Spoonfighting, banter, and lots of heart.  The Doctor's trying to figure out if he's a hero, and Robin Hood tries to help... as does the awesome Clara.  Jenna Coleman continues her run of fantastic performances in this episode.  Plus, there's trivia and news!  Please join us!

Direct download: Mutters71_RobotOfSherwood.mp3
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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back to dive into "Into The Dalek", the 2nd episode of Series 8/The Capaldi Era.  John & Will embark on a Fantastic Voyage (sorrynotsorry) into "2nd Episode Syndrome", the teaching of Marcus Aurelius, the introduction of Danny Pink (and the "Coupling" episode that ensued) and just why this episode worked (John) or did NOT work (Will) for each of us.  Plus, TRIVIA!  Please listen!!

Direct download: Mutters70_IntoTheDalek.mp3
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PETER CAPALDI IS THE DOCTOR... and MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is here to talk about it, and, as a special treat (for us and for you), Sage & Kim from join us for a rollicking and fun (and LONG) show to discuss "DEEP BREATH", Series 8, Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, the Paternoster Gang and more!  Plus, Sage & Kim will relate their experiences at both the NYC premiere from 8/14 AND as part of the studio audience for the BBCA pre- and post-episode shows.  We'll all discuss how we got into Doctor Who fandom, and there's even a DOUBLE dose of TRIVIA - John has his usual brainteasers, and Sage also chimes in with 5 tough ones (she is a trivia quizmistress! A Quiz MISSY?).

This is one of my favorite podcasts that we've done.  Lots of great insight and opinions and perspectives.  

Please join us!

Direct download: Mutters69_DeepBreath.mp3
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MUTTER'S SPIRAL PODCAST IS BACK! Yes, we took ANOTHER hiatus during this most recent fallow period, but... DOCTOR WHO, with Peter Capaldi taking over as the DOCTOR, returns on August 23!  AND, we're here to talk about the upcoming series and discuss goings-on, like the DW World Tour, episode titles, a new credit sequence, spoilers and just what IS a spoiler, and lots more!  

PLUS - TRIVIA (small batch this week - but includes a neat note linking a new show on US TV to Doctor Who and a specific and kilted companion).

Also - ALS challenge discussion (BARROWMAN!), lots of name dropping (Brannigan, Sage & Kim of Head Over Feels , Kelly aka The TV Mouse , Verity!, Hugo awards, etc).

Please join us! 

Direct download: 68_-_Series_8_preview.mp3
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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast #67 - Favorite Episodes, Underrated Episodes and a SPECULATRON, too!

MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast returns with the first in a series of 50th Anniversary special episodes - we each pick a favorite episode from each of the 20th and 21st century Who and also an episode that we feel is underrated or underappreciated.  We also add in some Big Finish and Novel recommendations.

Firstly, though, we fire up the Speculatron to discuss the casting of Keeley Hawes in Doctor Who Series 8 and what that could mean, once we mix in some intriguingly Masterful comments from Sylvester McCoy over the weekend.

Plus, of course, TRIVIA!

Eps discussed: Caves of Androzani; Battlefield; Ribos Operation; Masque of Mandragora; Girl in the Fireplace; Father's Day; Fires of Pompeii; Midnight.


Direct download: Mutters67best_underrated.mp3
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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast #66 - Gally 2014 Review

2 weeks and one nasty case of the BPP later, MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is finally back to talk about the 2014 Gallifrey One - the 25th annual extravaganza!  John (once again healthy) and Will discuss cosplaying for the first time, all of the great friends they spent time with and the various great moments of this year's GALLY!  We'll talk about all of it!  

Plus, as an added, first-time ever bonus - a 3rd voice!  Our friend Mette, who was instrumental in inspiring us to dress up and then crucial in helping us make our costumes actually look good, joins us for some ON LOCATION, in room costuming prep and discussion.  

Hopefully, it's "adorably giddy" (H/t to Deborah Stanish of VERITY!)!  Please take a listen!

Direct download: 66_Gally_review.mp3
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It's our favorite time of the year on the MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast - Gallifrey One!  The 25th version of the pre-eminent Doctor Who gathering is upon us, and we're both REALLY excited for it!  On this edition, we'll talk about what to expect at this year's Gally - guests, panels, etc.  We'll also tell you what our very first ever attempts at Cosplay will be, and we'll just basically babble happily about this awesome weekend where the Doctor Who family comes together in celebration.  Won't you listen?  Thanks!  

Direct download: 65_Gally_2014_preview.mp3
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CORRECTED - I left out about 10 minutes from the middle section.  OOPS.  Very sorry, this has it all now.

Sherlock Holmes takes "His Last Vow", and MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back to discuss everything to do with the SHERLOCK Series 3 finale.  Join John & Will as they discuss the jam-packed episode: Mary, Magnussen, Memory Palaces, even the Miser Brothers!  We are coiled springs of action, ready to talk (and talk and talk).  Please take a listen! 

Direct download: 64a_Sherlock_His_Last_Vow.mp3
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Sherlock Holmes takes "His Last Vow", and MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back to discuss everything to do with the SHERLOCK Series 3 finale.  Join John & Will as they discuss the jam-packed episode: Mary, Magnussen, Memory Palaces, even the Miser Brothers!  We are coiled springs of action, ready to talk (and talk and talk).  Please take a listen!

Direct download: 64_Sherlock_His_Last_Vow.mp3
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It's a John Watson Wedding, a Sherlock Holmes speech and a MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast all about "The Sign of Three" - the epic 2nd episode of Sherlock's 3rd Series.  John & Will talk about the speech, comedy v. mystery, plot v. characters, and which one of us might provide the Watson-esque "contrast" to the other's brilliance... plus, trivia and some Doctor Who news - won't you listen?  Thanks~!

Direct download: 63_Sherlock_The_Sign_of_Three.mp3
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It's been two LOOOOONG years, but Sherlock and John Watson are finally back in "The Empty Hearse", and John & Will are back to talk about it.  Sherlock survived the fall and lives!  John gets engaged and will be married (or is it Mary-ed?).  Plus, Mycroft, Molly and the whole gang - deductions, laughter, tears, it's all here!  Plus, of course, trivia - all in all, it's a lovely outing written by series co-creator Mark Gatiss.  Come take a listen, won't you?  

Direct download: 62_Sherlock_Empty_Hearse.mp3
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