*sniff* - It's the end of an era, as Matt Smith and the 11th Doctor depart in "The Time of the Doctor".  John & Will talk about this bittersweet Christmas episode - what worked well, what worked less so, etc.  What kind of answers did we get to the open questions of the 11th's era?  How much will we miss Matt Smith (so much that we'll be doing more episodes on him in the future)?

We started this podcast with Matt's first full episode, and now his time is over.  But we'll ALWAYS remember the time when the Doctor was MATT SMITH.  He's OUR DOCTOR.

Also, in honor of Matt (& Peter Capaldi), we have 11 rounds of trivia... plus one for Regeneration's Sake!  Won't you listen?  Thanks!

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL wraps up the journey through SHERLOCK Series 2 with discussion of "The Hounds of Baskerville" & "The Reichenbach Fall".  We focus mostly on The Fall and the epic battle between Sherlock & Moriarity - The FINAL Problem!  How did Sherlock survive the fall?  We advance some ideas (although I INCORRECTLY state that you don't see Sherlock hit the ground - WE do, but WATSON doesn't).  Come join us for talk, speculation and trivia!

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SHERLOCK is returning in the new year... and we never got around to doing Season 2... so, here it is!  We start off with a typically brief 2 hour podcast on the Season 2 lid-lifter, "A Scandal in Belgravia".  Irene Adler!  Moriarty!  Mycroft!  Deerstalker hats!  More Sherlock easter eggs than you can fit in Mrs. Hudson's fridge!  We both LOVE this story, so we give it the full MSP going over.  Plus, Trivia!

NOTE:  This was actually recorded in JULY.  We just ended up holding off the release until closer to the S3 premiere.  Well, the time is now!  Please take a listen!

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The DOCTOR WHO 50th Anniversary celebration continues on the Mutter's Spiral Podcast!  This time, John & Will tackle Mark Gatiss's sublime "An Adventure in Space & Time" as well as Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann & a cast of thousands (Smith!  Tennant! Coleman!  Moffat! Georgia Tennant! BARROWMAN!) in the delightful confection "The Five-ish Doctors: Reboot".  Tears and laughs abound as we discuss what we enjoyed AND learned from both of these anniversary "gifts" to fans.  We'll also cover some other Who-related media (Brian Cox special, BBC 3 after party) and Sherlock news, and there's of course trivia - even questions going in both directions this week!  Please take a listen!

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