MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast returns for more Doctor Who Series 7b discussion.  It's been a week since the finale, how do John & Will feel about it now that it's "sunk in"?  Will just re-watched it all today - did he glean anything new?  John has a LOT of unanswered questions - what are they, and when (and if) do we think they'll be answered?  Where do we think Matt Smith ranks in the pantheon of Doctors?    Listen and find out!  There's some really good discussion on here, so please join us!

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It's another MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast, this time talking about the monumental Series 7 finale "The Name of the Doctor", written by Steven Moffat himself.  

Did the episode live up to the hype?  Was it a satisfying conclusion to the mystery of who is Clara?  What IS the Doctor's greatest secret?  How will that play out in the 50th?  How many times can one person use the adjective "Lovely" during a podcast?  Also, trivia, talk of the upcoming podcasts during the hiatus, and lots of other stuff!  Ok, not really, it's all about "The Name of the Doctor"!  Listen and find out!  

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The day has nearly arrived - the DOCTOR WHO Series 7b Finale, where we learn "The Name of the Doctor" AND all about Clara's deal.  

SO, it's time to speculate, theorize, hypothesize, guess, and finally throw our hands up in exasperation but also exultation at the mysteries Steven Moffat have devised.

John has a good solid theory, one even Will thinks is more likely to be true.  Will has a more fanciful and longer term one (includes 50th WAG).  

Includes discussion of "She Said, He Said", the prologue to the finale as well as bringing in clues from the various trailers for the episode, information from the Doctor Who novels (we BOTH mine that for theory support), and even hints and tidbits from the Moff, Matt, Jenna, et al!

If you want some speculation and theories to help you solidify your own theory, take a listen!  

If you want to laugh at some bad guesses (most likely), take a listen!

We recorded this on Monday, and since then, I've thought, "Oh, I'm even LESS Close than I thought", then I felt "Hey, i MIGHT be onto something!", then I realized that again Moffat is several moves ahead of us on the chessboard... as usual!

PS - No trivia on this episode.

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MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast returns to discuss Neil Gaiman's "Nightmare in Silver", his long-awaited 2nd Doctor Who episode.  How does it measure up to "The Doctor's Wife", as well as the rest of Series 7b?  How are the new Cybermen?  What kind of clues did we get for our 2 big mysteries: Who is Clara? and Doctor WHO?  How does Will do in trivia this week?  All questions answered on MSP #51!  Take a listen!

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It's MUTTER'S SPIRAL time!  This week, we discuss "The Crimson Horror", the Mark Gatiss episode featuring Dame Diana Rigg, the Paternoster Gang (Vastra, Jenny & Strax), and, oh yeah, the Doctor & Clara!  It was a fun episode and a fun podcast.  Plus, you know there's ALWAYS trivia!  Please take a listen!

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