MUTTER’S SPIRAL podcast – Will and John devour “The Hungry Earth” – they drill down on episode 8, including talk of hot Silurians, under-funded Welsh drilling operations, the longest 12 minutes ever and a mistake that the Doctor should never make.  Is it poor writing or are they just nit-picking? It’s 55 minutes of Doctor Who analysis, talk and dissection from John & Will.  Come listen!

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MUTTER’S SPIRAL takes on “Amy’s Choice”!  Did Amy choose correctly?  What does the reaction to her "choice" say about Will and John? Why did this episode conjur up memories of the Colin Baker era?  Can we do a podcast that lasts less than an hour 2 weeks in a row? (Hint – the answer is NO).  Take a listen and find out!

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The MUTTER'S SPIRAL podcast for “The Vampires of Venice” is now posted and ready for your aural enjoyment!  John and Will talk about Vampire Girls,  Saturnynes, wedding cakes (AGAIN), flipping switches and everything else related to Series 5, Episode 6 of DOCTOR WHO.  Take a listen and tell us what YOU think as well!  Previous episodes are available on Or e-mail us at

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The podcast for “Flesh and Stone”, episode 5 of Series 5, is now available!  It’s a long one (1:22), as Will and John talk about the episode, brilliant moments, flipping switches, series arcs, “and” vs. “in," and all other things timey-wimey!  Come take a listen to see if they liked it as much as “The Time of Angels."

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The finished (and re-done) Introductory Podcast on “The Eleventh Hour” and Doctor Who in general as it heads into Series 5 and the Matt Smith/Steven Moffat era is now available! 

It’s about 75 minutes, which is long, but shorter than the first go-round.   John and Will discuss their histories with Doctor Who (and each other), the overall show (and some of its history) and of course, “The Eleventh Hour” itself. 

They talk about Matt Smith and Karen Gillan and how they compare to previous Doctors & Companions. 

All in all, it’s a fun time of Doctor discussion!

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