MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back, and we've got a double shot of guests this week - the Sisterhood of Burt!  Our friend and great guest Kayti Burt returns, and she's not alone - her sister Jen joins us as well!  We will talk all about the idea of fan entitlement, especially as it relates to changing narratives in fandom.  We'll talk Doctor Who, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Twin Peaks, X-Files, and other properties, so it's a wide-ranging conversation this week!  We will first get their Doctor Who origin stories and find out their favorite stories of the Capaldi Era.  We also get into Gallifrey One briefly, as the upcoming convention is their first.  Also, I'll do a ribbon reveal, as the ribbons that John and I ordered happened to arrive right as recording started.  

It's an entertaining and thoughtful discussion, and Jen & Kayti are great and fun guests!  Twitter information for them: For Kayti, it's @KaytiBurt and for Jen, it's @ourownstrings .  You can get a link to their brand new podcast from their twitter feeds, too!

We hope you enjoy this podcast!

BTW, Capaldi Era pt 2 coming soon, as well as our annual GALLIFREY ONE preview podcast!


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