DOCTOR WHO is finally back with SERIES 10!  The show returns with a crackling episode called "The Pilot", and that's what we're discussing on this episode of the MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast!

"The Pilot" begins the final series for Peter Capaldi as the Doctor (*CRY*), and it introduces us to the glorious Pearl Mackie as new companion Bill Potts!  John and I will discuss Bill's initial meeting with the Doctor and the adventure that ensues.  We ponder whether "The Pilot" lives up to its name (in a tv show sense - a first episode) as a good starting point for new viewers.  We'll also note a copious amount of Easter Eggs (TIMELY) sprinkled throughout the episode as a treat for returning fans as well as potential clues to how Series 10 will develop.  We'll talk about the return of Matt Lucas as Nardole and what role he plays, both within the narrative and from a production perspective.

We will of course dive in to the meat of the episode itself - The Doctor becoming Bill's "tutor" and their relationship; Bill's encounters with Heather which leads to the encounters with the oil (water? Substance?) that ultimately absorbs Heather and sets out after Bill.  There's a mysterious vault, some photographs from long ago, of both Bill's mother and of the Doctor's Family (SUSAN & River, but did we mention SUSAN?) and the fate of Heather and whether we will see her again (Magic 8-Ball says, "All signs point to YES").

We will also talk about what the rest of Series 10 may hold and about that TRAILER - John Simm!  REGENERATION!  That leads into a discussion of the Kris Marshall rumors: IS he the next Doctor?  If so, will we see him BEFORE Christmas?  Are we being faked out by Moffat et al?

And, TRIVIA is back!  John has some excellent and interesting questions as always - I did ok on them - how will you do?

All in all, it's a lot of excited chatter about Doctor Who & "The Pilot".  We're excited the show is back, and we love discussing it with each other and hope it's a pleasant listening experience for you!  Please try it and see (or should that be hear?)!

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