MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back, just in time to preview SERIES 10 of DOCTOR WHO (the final Peter Capaldi series, *heavysadness*)!  Join John and I as we delve into talking about what we can look for in Series 10 - episode by episode, storyline by storyline.  We will talk about the upcoming debut of Pearl Mackie as Bill, and how Bill will fit on the show.  We talk about the return of many old foes (including some "surprise" ones that have been revealed to the public already).

We do talk in detail about each episode, so if you like to stay away from knowing too much, be forewarned.  But, if you're like us and love to speculate and anticipate, then this will be right up your trap street!

We will also discuss the return of Classic Doctor Who episodes to American streaming as BritBox debuts stateside, and we will discuss the sad passing of a great actor, Tim Pigott-Smith, from the classic era (and one of John's favorite stories, "The Masque of Mandragora").  Trivia will return next week with the episode recaps!

We are VERY excited for Series 10, and we're excited to be back discussing them with each other and with you, dear listener!  We hope you enjoy!!

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