It's a jam-packed and bittersweet edition of the MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast this week!  Our friend Kayti Burt joins us to talk all about SHERLOCK, as we discuss her great ranking of the show's episodes, from worst to best, that she did for (Link HERE ).  We've been trying to have her on for a couple of weeks, and we finally solved our usual tech issues to get her on the podcast!  HOWEVER...

In the interim from our original recording date to the actual date, several sad occurrences of various forms have happened:

1. Peter Capaldi has announced that he's leaving DOCTOR WHO after the Christmas 2017 episode (Same time that Steven Moffat departs).  We discuss his decision and talk about some of our favorites for #13.

2. Even more sad is the news of the passing of the War Doctor, SIR JOHN HURT.  We talk of his significance to all of WHO fandom as well as each of us individually (Especially John, as Sir John in many ways led him into Whovian fandom).  We discuss the great privilege that John & I had of meeting him and interacting last year at Gallifrey One.

SO - that leads to a 2 hour episode, but one that I think is one of our very best (and easily broken up into shorter chunks).

As a bonus, you'll hear Sir John himself, doing 2 of WHO's most famous speeches: William Hartnell's farewell to Susan from "Dalek Invasion of Earth" (and "The Five Doctors") AND the 12th Doctor's exquisite speech from "The Zygon Inversion".

PLEASE take a listen.  Thanks!!

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